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Thread: LL and RM

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    LL and RM

    So I'm in war and getting chained, tried to do some LL to offset the over-pop crisis and picked an orc, forgot they have RM and had the spell bounce back, lost a few acres...exact reply was: "Your wizards gather 3,564 runes and begin casting, and the spell succeeds. This spell was reflected back upon ourselves! 2 acres of land have disappeared from our control!"

    I did indeed end up -2 acres, so my question is what happens to those disappeared from our control acres? Does the province you targeted get them, does it end up in their explore pool or does it simply vanish off the server?

    Does anyone know? How is LL and RM interaction coded? It doesn't make sense that the acres simply disappear off the server, whilst I don't like the idea the other player gets them, that would make sense, when you have other spells reflected back you end up with that spell active on your province, eg Greed reflects back and you have it for x days.

    Also I'm pretty sure I reflected MV and lost most of my active spells early in the war, so again this makes perfect sense but vanishing acres doesn't.


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    LL that are reflected only causes you to lose land, the opponent do not gain acres, neither as explore pool, nor as unbuild acres, and in fact since your spell was succesfull even when reflected you will gain honor.

    I think it is a bit similair to LL intra kingdom, if you ever tried to do that on an inactive you would know that it does not gain you any acres even when succesfull, yet the acres do dissapear.

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