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Thread: Looking for relaxed kd

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    Looking for relaxed kd

    Hi utopia. I need a new kd because I keep getting kicked out of other kds. I don't want to war or be much more active than logging in once or twice a day. I don't want to show up for waves. In fact I don't really want to join a kd that waves at all. War is asking too much activity and should be avoided at all costs. I do want a kd that has a good active whatsapp. I don't really like slack either.. I don't want a kd that tries to make me follow build or military strats. Don't want a kd that is gonna want to micromanage my prov all age either.

    Is this too much to ask for Utopia?

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    yes...yes it is too much to ask. random into a ghetto.
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    What zulu said. Good like finding a social bunch that doesn't require you to play at all.... Or vise versa.

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    Yes this is a game but you are choosing to play it, so play it. I have played sport all my life and I have a role to play when I show up every Saturday to play. I can't turn around and say nah, feel like doing something else.....utopia is very much the same. You can't pick up utopia and then just put it down to come back to it later on. You need to be getting involved and playing it daily, you get out of the game what you put into it.

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    We don't kick out active players. You don't have to be on for waves unless you play TM. IF you play attacker, and your army stays out during war, you'll be able to play in our KD.
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    Start a shell. I've been an advocate for this type of kingdom for quite a while. Don't screw the meter and about everything else shouldn't matter.

    I could care a less if my kingdom mates are active. I'm also a player who doesn't require or desire war. I'm not afraid of it, just don't need it.

    I'm currently retired for the same reason you might be considering. The kingdom culture is saturated with inbred ideology and no place to simply cruise. The only reason I'm not soloing in a shell is because my respect for Bishop prevents me from bothering him. So I recommend just asking to be moved to a shell and gravity will do the rest.
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    I want you in my KD
    Unfortunate that I cant give my LOC cause I have not logged in 3 days and forgot my KD #.
    I am also too stupid to send you a PM :(
    You will need to just find me.

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