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Thread: OOPS Hotfix

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    OOPS Hotfix

    We have implemented a new hotfix that we expect will prevent the major issues that have arisen during bursts of extreme activity (OOPS).

    How it works:Once a set number of OOPS have occurred during a conflict, this new code will activate for a total of 10 minutes. During this time the Kingdom's provinces will be limited to 1 aggressive action every 5 seconds thereafter. Upon expiration of the 10 minutes, if another 30 OOPS occur, the same will go into effect.

    What you will see: There will be a message that appears on your loaded Utopia page that tells you that you must wait a few seconds before attempting another aggressive action.

    What this will do: By allowing a cooldown between database requests this should ensure that actions being performed will go through without major OOPS'ing and deadlocking everyone out of everything. Based on recent events this has lasted for up to 40 minutes with everyone involved being upset about not being allowed to perform the actions they wanted. This new method should allow for all provinces to use ALL stealth and mana within the 10 minute cooldown period while they are limited to 1 operation per 5 seconds.

    To summarize, this new method should allow both sides of a conflict with extreme activity to use all stealth and mana and send armies within a 10 minute period as compared to previously players were being locked for 20-40 minutes and unable to do anything.

    Please continue to report issues as they occur and we will do our best to rectify problems.
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