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Thread: Why the dishonesty, Zawk?

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    Why the dishonesty, Zawk?

    Quote Originally Posted by Proteus View Post
    Yeah in hindsight that wasn’t good idea given I couldn’t keep myself from telling certain people what I thought of them. From the outset, I was offered a secret troll alias which I chose not to take as that would be too much of a hassle and I want people to know that it came from me.
    I want to share this post by Proteus, and direct you all to take note of the bolded portion.

    Here is a player, chosen to moderate the forums, and hes offered a secret alias to do so under. Why? Why on Earth are you promoting mods who are patently unqualified to the extent they need to hide their identities? Obviously in Proteus' case he did not, and we've seen how that turned out.

    For my part, I was offered the same deal and turned it down specifically because I disagree with the idea of mods hiding behind aliases. You can be unqualified to hold the position based upon your history with the community, as we see with Proteus and IMO several of the other recent mods.

    But why are the admins selecting mods this way, rather than searching for non-incendiary players who have the right temperament to be moderators (like Persian and Palem)?

    And now we can assume that even the newest in-game support member is nothing more than an old face hiding behind an alias. What sort of faith in the system should that garner from the playerbase?

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    Did pillz just compliment me?

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    Looks like Pillz will be the flagbearer for the first annual Palem Day Parade.

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