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Thread: Race/personality bonus and building effects bonus

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    Race/personality bonus and building effects bonus

    I was wondering if Race/personality bonus and building effects bonus % are additive or multiplicative.

    For example, an avian warrior has a bonus of +30%br and warriors +15% Off Military Efficiency. So if i ran 10% homes with the effect of +30% br and 10%tg with effects of +15% higher offensive efficiency, is that gonna give me a total of +60%br and 30%ome when in war?

    I feel like that cant be the case. Seems too high.

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    15% added twice is calculated like this 1.15x1.15 so it is 1.3225 or 132.25% or put it simply an additional 32.25%
    same for 30% added twice is like 1.3x1.3 or 1.69 or an additional 69%

    You never add bonuses by addition but always multiplying, if you subtract you do the same, say if you subtract 15% twice you need to calculate 0.85x0.85 which is 0.7225 or 72.25% of the original or a reduction of 27.75%

    Can't teach you basic math in such a short post, but this is how all bonuses work.

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    For added confusion occasionally bonuses are added rather than multiplied (eg generals). But yeah you won't go too far wrong if you assume every bonuses is multiplied.

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