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Thread: Sitting - add 12 hour sits / 1 credit please

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    Sitting - add 12 hour sits / 1 credit please


    Due to kingdoms needing to accomodate with their players who are scattered all over the globe who don't necessarily need to be sat for an entire 24 hrs but only just for scheduled waves, please consider coding into the sitting interface, an option to exercise just 12 hour sit periods.

    Just take the whole credit, watering down 0.33 credits for 8 hrs of sit etc is also unnecessary.
    Allow like 12 hour sits to consuming the current 1 credit but then only consume 0.5 sit days instead of a full 24 hr sit day.

    Just implement sit days to be smart enough to calculate 12 hour sits as 0.5 days of sit when players sit 12 hrs.
    "You currently have X days remaining of your maximum sitting in this age" portion.

    should allow for flexibility to report also :
    "You currently have X.5 days remaining of your maximum sitting in this age".

    Coding in this flexibility should allow for more adaptable player/kingdom acclimatisation.
    It should also net more revenue too and spreads some work/life/play equity all around.

    P/S: Any deals for credits ?
    How about a 200 credit pack discount ? Or like buy 300 in 1 shot and whole kd gets the age ad-free ?
    I must have bought like 2000+ credits all these years already, i'm a repeat customer yo.

    pp/s : 42 x 12 hour sits are really fantastic to have in an age.

    Thank you.
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    Better yet, lets just make sitting free.

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    Why can't I buy acres with credits? Damn this game. At least make it the feel good kind of pay to win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khronosschoty View Post
    Better yet, lets just make sitting free.
    Well, I want to keep playing this game. So no, I wouldn't want to make sitting free =P

    Just popping in to bump this, and think it's a good idea; though don't think I've actually reached the cap before

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    Make it possible to watch an ad or a couple ads instead of paying for sitting credits? I like the idea to count the actual time you were sat.... I didn't realize this wasn't already done this way.

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