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Thread: Age 76 Proposed Changes

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    Age 76 Proposed Changes

    PROPOSED changes for Age 76:

    We have Community Discord Server and are testing the platform to see if it will facilitate a positive impact on the Utopia community. We encourage anyone who would like to join to make your way over and feel welcome. There are several areas so far to keep chats focused, there's even a radio channel available where you can customize your music playlist while you game & interact with other community members. We would love to see Kingdoms apply for public channels and encourage everyone to visit our Template Kingdom Server that illustrates the potential features provided by Discord for your Kingdom.

    Please join us for some discussion of next age changes on Discord:

    Age 75 End Schedule

    Age 76 Revised Changes: April 19-20, 2017
    Age 76 Final Changes: April 21, 2017

    Age 75 End: Friday April 20, 2018 @ 00:00 GMT
    Age 76 Open: Friday April 20, 2018 @ 12:00 GMT (pushed back 6 hours to be safe, we will be migrating Multi-World Functionality code into the live code and want to ensure this all works correctly before opening the server and could take extra time)
    Age 76 Start: Monday April, 23 2018 @ 18:00 GMT

    Age 76 PROPOSED Changes

    Please use this thread to discuss the proposed changes and provide feedback! Click Here!

    - April 18 15:13 Edit made to include thief/wizard networth change
    - April 19 23:50 Edit published "Open Time" for Age 76
    - April 19 23:52 Edit discord link
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