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Thread: Race & Personality details for Age 76

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    Race & Personality details for Age 76

    For Halfling it says 500 GC for thvs, but cost 250 in game.

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    ya thats always a point of contention... it also says -50% thief cost there too... so if they put 250 ppl might think they should cost 125gc

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    Crap: TY RattleHead. I saw that. Ur logic is flawless. Wish I could delete this THREAD

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    Hehe, it's okay Evilyn a lot of people have asked. There's no great way to do it other than to remove the thief cost for all races from the race details page. It probably doesn't need to be there since it does not vary from race to race...however I imagine after that people may complain the '50% thief cost' doesn't provide much information if you don't know what base thief cost is. It's a tough situation to please everyone regardless but RattleHead is correct.
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