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Thread: Plague issue

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    Plague issue

    I have not seen any changes published concerning Plague, or the Natures Blessing spell.

    Natures Blessing should have 33% chance to remove plague.
    On average it should require two casts.
    From recently contracting the plague with my province, it took me 16 casts, and 10 casts accordingly to remove it twice.
    Kingdom mates have had similar issues having extreme to almost impossible way of removing the Plague.

    It does not make sense that on Average a player will take about 12 casts to remove the Plague.
    Since no changes were published concerning Plague, i would like to ask Devs to double check this issue and make sure that curing the plague has similar success rates as in the past.

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    This gets posted multiple times every age since the beginning of the game. Whether you cast once or 20 times its still the same % chance to cure. 33% i believe or somewhere close. Weve had people remove it in 1 cast and some in 5-7. No different than any other age.


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    The chance was just raised an age ago or so. It's still just a chance though. Pray more to rn-jesus.

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