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Thread: Longest running kingdom

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    F l u f f y l i c i o u s

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    Not that old at all

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    rejoince balance SPLIFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Regarding Metallic Symphony, we had a few other names with our core players before settling on Metallic. Such as Kahr Parts, some others I do not remember. Our Monarch when I fell in there was Jeremy. Serena took over and has lead our Kingdom very, very well. Yes, many of us are now friends. Speaking for others, we do try to play well each Age. There are always noobs and we also recruit. We have players whose lives get busy and then rejoin. It is great!
    Age of a Kingdom, in my opinion, everything evolves. I do find this topic interesting, but before alliances, it was Kingdoms that mattered. The alliances messed many things up, forcing your kingdom to chain another kingdom for some form of protection. I do not think keeping track of them compared to an actual Kingdom is as interesting. The game. lol, yes, I started when we had boats, you burned them all and the enemy could not attack. Avians emerged because of that boat issue. Don't get "Mehuled" :D
    Anyway, before I go full on nostalgic, thank you for noticing and mentioning our Kingdom. Jack Be Quick

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    Hard to say before alliances when alliances started forming age 1. Most alliances didnt force anyone to do anything and when they normally did it was in response to what someone had did to one of their member already in the form of ****play.


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    Once upon a time, I self-styled myself a historian for NI. Being full of motivation, but little skill in datamining, I had a comp sci friend write a script that ripped all the world/island kd records from the site in 2009 that went back to the beginning and dropped it into an excel file. I still have that somewhere. If I can get my old rig up and running, I can find you kd names all the way back to [whenever swirve started displaying records]. It will take some time as I don't even have a monitor anymore (I've been running off only laptops since starting my PhD in 2009).

    Also, one thing to remember is that somewhere in the single digits, all the kds got scrubbed and shuffled. So like ... age 3 or 4 (whenever the shuffle happened) is as old as any kd can reliably be.

    Also, Checkmate has been in continuous existence since at least age 17. They never disappeared entirely, but have flown under the radar for years.

    -phobos (former member/monarch of Event Horizon NI until age 40 or so ... current member of Checkmate since age 60 or so)
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    +1 to Phobos,

    Checkmate never disappeared. It did go sort of under the radar for a while but it always sailed under the checkmate flag.
    Iíve been with them from about age 22-4x, I was monarch for a few ages (about 5-8).

    Is everyone forgetting about Artics? (Note I havenít played for a few ages so I dunno if they still are around... they were about 3 ages ago...)

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    Player History

    -Returned in Age 55: "Happy Grasslands" Undead Cleric in WE KC (M)
    -Age 56: "Cortez the Killer" Elf Mystic in WE KC (M)
    -Age 57 1st Half: "KC March of the Penguins" Avian Warrior in WE KC (M)
    -Age 57 2nd Half: "Granny Smith" Halfling Rogue in TFC
    -Age 58: "A Horse With No Name - America" Halfling Rogue in HRS Partial (S)
    -Age 59 1st Half: "Birthday Cake Remix" Avian Cleric in HRS
    -Age 59 2nd Half: "Birthday Cake Remix" Avian Cleric in AC
    -Age 60 1st Half: "Beaver" Elf Mystic in AC (M)
    -Age 60 2nd Half: "I don t want" Undead Tactician in Allstars
    -Age 61: "trizzle my wizzle" Undead Tactician in Allstars
    -Age 62: "Tras19 is amazed by midgets" Dwarf Sage in Beastblood (CROWN x 2)
    -Age 63 yr 1-12: "To learn his Elfabet" Avian Merchant in Beastblood
    -Age 63 yr 12-14: "Thanks for the death Flogger" Orc Tactician in Beastblood
    -Age 64 yr 1-6: "Lust and Thrust" Halfling Rogue in PewPew
    -Age 65: "back yet again" Elf Merchant in Old Skool (M)
    -Return again in Age 67: "Whimsyton" Elf Merchant in the ghetto
    -Age 68 1st Half: "This Girl is on Shire" Halfling Rogue in The Shirish Mafia (M)
    -Return Yet Again in Age 76 2nd Half: "Happy Grasslands" Dark Elf Paladin in BOL
    -Age 77: "?" Human Sage in ? (M)

    Noteworthy Achievments

    *** Age 62: Books of War ... KD Land Crown and KD NW Crown Winner with Beastblood ***
    *** Was a member of The Faery Circle, yet have never played Faery ***
    *** Have never had a province die except once when I let Flogger province sit me for 24 hours in a war ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephi View Post
    Nah not 20 ages, we tag every 2nd or 3rd age. Depending on theme, albeit we didnt tag for like5-6 ages I guess around age 55. Hard to remember. :) We will tag again this age if it makes you happy.

    ALso not finding us high in the rankings doesnt mean we dont tag of course :)
    Quit making up stories sephi, you know war cry doesmt even exist now

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    Quote Originally Posted by phobos View Post
    I don't even have a monitor anymore

    I dont know about Columbia sir, but Austin has a Goodwill store that sells computers and parts. A 15" flat screen monitor can be had for $20 with a 7 day exchange.

    Started your phd in 2009. If its still not completed maybe you should be a fry cook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kendy View Post
    I dont know about Columbia sir, but Austin has a Goodwill store that sells computers and parts. A 15" flat screen monitor can be had for $20 with a 7 day exchange.

    Started your phd in 2009. If its still not completed maybe you should be a fry cook.
    You sir are cold, really cold.

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