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Thread: Mehuled Media: A Fight To Decide The Age?

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    Mehuled Media: A Fight To Decide The Age?

    Mehuled Media Presents: Hipmunks vs BlameMod

    The face off has begun between Hipmunks (#1NW,#2Land,#5Honor) and BlameMod (#2NW,#1land,#1honor) with their ceasefire being canceled. Beginning a stand off for a war that will likely decide the Age of the Empyrean Advent's net-worth and land crown winners! As it now stands Hipmunks, currently holds a military and GC advantage against BlameMod with a peon count of 500k for BlameMod and 150k for Hipmunks. The hit count, however, remains at 0 for both side and as of this writing it seems BlameMod has no intention of giving up the button as they have cast a Resilient ritual in order to stave off a potential wave and buy time in order to catch up to Hipmunk's military count along with leveling the field from an economic stand point. This has lead the two kingdoms to an economic OP battle using some of the few OP, available with normal relations; such as various robbery OPs and of course good ol' greed, however, Hipmunks has been able to fund an Emerald Dragon, which currently awaits launch with BlameMod unable to fund their own. Giving Hipmunks a slight edge as of now; but expect BlameMod to fight it out as they attempt to turn the numbers in their favor before going any further into hostilities.

    This is just the beginning of what could be a rather long engagement, so stay tuned as we will be covering this entire spectacle until one kingdom gains glory and the other is dream crushed with their attempt to crown in the 76th age of Utopia's World of Legends done. Tell us your thoughts on this fight below! Who do you think will win?

    UPDATE:The first hits have been made with Hipmunks breaking BlameMod's top 2 provinces for defense for just under 800 acres.

    April 11 of YR4 An unknown province from Hipmunks (3:3) invaded Army havent back (6:19) and captured 463 acres of land.
    April 12 of YR4 An unknown province from Hipmunks (3:3) invaded i short of wizard (6:19) and captured 336 acres of land.

    Stayed tuned! Mehuled Media Present's Hipmunks vs BlameMod continues later with a follow-up article on war start.
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    Go Hipmunks!

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    Yupp gotta cheer for hipmunks as well. Still not to sure what to think of the whole BB Vs Elysium ****show.

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    GO BB!

    All's fare in Love and War! punch them in their vaginas!

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    Punch us in our vaginas!

    Or you know... be polite and don't...

    Anyways good luck guys and gals and lets have an awesome conflict!

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    it just started,.. you need to change the threads title..

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