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Thread: Mehuled Media: BlameMod Withdrawls

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    Mehuled Media: BlameMod Withdrawls

    Hipmunks vs BlameMod: BlameMod Withdrawls

    Sixty hours after war was declared; Hipmunks held an advantage against BlameMod in the form of an emerald dragon and onslaught ritual until BlameMod withdrew from the war with land exchange totals standing at +14,156 (572/378) in their favor. However, this conflict is far from over and I would not call this a loss as it seems to be a tactical withdrawal on BlameMods part with the intentions of taking it b2b but can they capitalize off of what they have done so far or will Hipmunks be capable of winning this conflict? There is only more to come! Stay Tuned

    The kingdom of BlameMod
    Total land exchanged: +14,156 (572/378)
    +3,556 I eat damn lot chicken leg (29/0)
    +3,439 I better dont see u then (29/4)
    +2,979 Who sit me (27/0)
    +2,929 i am using hp (24/2)
    +2,734 Your litter runes dont cast (23/5)
    +2,639 lei lo mo (25/0)
    +2,112 Theme is what (26/3)
    +1,627 U go bed dream faster (14/0)
    +1,541 Rev Me Pls (22/1)
    +1,519 i short of wizard (21/1)
    +1,503 Army havent back (21/1)
    +1,361 theme no good (15/0)
    +1,241 i got no tpa (15/1)
    +1,201 Put raze right (20/0)
    +1,175 u dont cb (17/0)
    +1,106 Who hv soldier (13/1)
    +645 An unknown province (2/0)
    +221 1x1x1x1x (20/2)
    +40 i f u (26/13)
    -1,515 Yes Daddy (20/15)
    -1,704 lampa lah (31/55)
    -2,258 Find me Replacement (12/14)
    -2,448 who care (28/48)
    -2,686 why i no rev (30/39)
    -3,416 rest army no back (31/81)
    -5,385 best de ever (31/92)

    The kingdom of Hipmunks
    Total land exchanged: -14,156 (378/572)
    +22,241 An unknown province (72/0)
    +1,433 and (13/0)
    +779 VacationOver (17/5)
    +525 Beg for wd (4/0)
    +524 Lead After 48 Hours (6/0)
    +442 Patiently Waiting (6/0)
    +438 Remember the Cant (5/0)
    +404 Be a noob (8/0)
    +324 Declare on Wrong KD (11/0)
    +307 raze farms instead of building (4/0)
    +138 The misty Isle (6/0)
    -452 Orgrimmar (16/15)
    -493 Falling rate of profit (8/12)
    -1,494 Oops I sent dragon (12/13)
    -1,636 Say we will lose (8/8)
    -1,672 Cry because of Nightmares (13/7)
    -1,773 Pose Like Mufasa (13/9)
    -2,262 TheFaeryGodmother (14/20)
    -2,703 Quad Bounce For Days (16/30)
    -3,294 Crimson (13/19)
    -3,616 Iloilo Rehab Center (17/82)
    -3,670 Botyok (19/99)
    -4,430 Recruits nubs (18/58)
    -4,448 Learning advance Cantonese (14/36)
    -4,573 Asphyxiation by Anaconda (18/87)
    -5,195 bigA (27/72)

    (apologies for the late post, i have been under the weather as of late)

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    I don't know the situation but if they back out it is a loss by default. Their bigger guys needed to start razing the other kingdom's biggest threats. It's the only way when you get in a war where the other side just won't give up. I've been in many wars where I ended up getting ~5k land (double, tripling, or 4x my province's land size). The only answer at that point is to raze and massacre.

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    we pulled out cause we had 4 back 2 back wars before this conflict and their thief/mage were far superior. we withdrew with a 14k acre gain and all elves still kinda in tact (theirs as well). we cancelled end of war cf early and explored 15k acres to get more room for troops and peasants and waited for hipmunks to reengage. we slowly got out elves save after a long retal war (resilient - onslaught stance switches on both sides, but we managed to reup another resilient) in which we dragged their heretics and rogues down. in war #2 our big elves were now unbreakable and could farm acres to get eco, train troops and 30 hours into conflict they were able to massacre their previous unbreakable t/m and do sidehits for acres. that was what won us the conflict and finally got us an acres lead so we can now relax a bit after being in war from oop till yr7.

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