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Thread: Revamp Ambush

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    Exclamation Revamp Ambush

    I do not know if this has been asked or suggested before but here it goes... I am suggesting that AMBUSH be revamped.

    Ambush attacks should be 80% of the attacking force and here's my reasoning to why...
    This age, I am playing Dryad and it pisses me off that I lose half the acres I gain on almost every attack with ease from my opponents.
    The reason? I attack with an all-elite army, so my defense on an ambush is almost nil.

    Here is my example: If I attack a province with 1000 Huldras (6/0), my defense on an ambush would be 4800 (1000 x 6 x 80%) - Not too bad.
    HOWEVER... If I attack with 1000 Wisps (10/1), my defense on ambush is considerably less at only 800 (1000 x 1 x 80%) - That sucks!

    Why does the game punish attackers? I think that the AMBUSH should be 80% of whatever the offense was to attack a province regardless of whether it's offensive specs and/or elites.
    This would give attackers a better chances to keep acres.

    Yeah, I could use War Spoils or Anonymity but then I don't get the Honor so that sacrifices rising in Nobility and getting those bonuses.
    Look at almost every kingdom and the races that are traditionally attackers are usually in the bottom half. The six top overall provinces in this age of the game this age are all Elf.

    Please give the attackers a little more love next age.

    That's my 2 -- Thanks for reading.


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    Or you can not be full elite. attack with specs or a combination or attack people who cant retal you. Lots of ways to avoid this. Its who your attacking thats causing you to get ambushed every time. There is a art to attacking and not getting ambushed .


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    I've played elf/wh, de/WA, orc/wh, and avian/wh plenty. Ambushes are always a possibility if you hit a bad target oow.

    I'm not sure how letting attackers retal hits on them is punishing attackers though. Not often I see a t/m ambush..

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    I like that it is relatively easy to ambush. It give you a bunch of choices to make when attacking (both deciding if you should ambush and deciding how to use your army on attacks to avoid ambushes). I don't really see this as a problem... you have a lot of ways to deal with this currently.

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