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Thread: Attack gains on a much bigger NW prov

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    Attack gains on a much bigger NW prov


    I need help. I am trying to calculate gains on a traditional march with an orc on a much larger DE province. The orc can break the DE cleanly on a trad march. Below are the details:

    Your NW 640,000
    Enemy NW 1,306,763
    PNF Ratio 2.04
    PNF 0.00
    Your KD NW 12,600,000
    Enemy KD NW 12,400,000
    KNF Ratio 1.0
    KNF 1.0
    Attack Type 1. Trad March
    Target Resource 4,588
    GBP 1. Normal
    Opponent GS 0.0%
    Opponent Schools 0.0%
    Opponent BE (for GS) 100.0%
    Your Stance 4. War
    Target Stance 4. War
    Gains Science 0.0%
    Are you an orc? 1. Yes
    ANON? 2. No

    Considering the PNF ratio, I keep calculating 0 gains. That can't be true can it? I've never tested this out before, so I just don't know. It seems silly to reward the bigger prov purely because they are bigger. When their defenses can be broken. Can anyone help me understand or help me figure out what I'm missing?

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    Gains in war follow the same rules as out of war with 2 differences. 1. GBP caps at 80% (20% reduction in gains and losses). 2. Min gains are capped at 4%, where perfect range gives 12%. This is without mods like orc.

    A target at 200% NW is 0 gains, but caps at 4 for war.

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