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Thread: Destroy ritual

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    Destroy ritual

    Currently in war and the opponent was stacked with runes when we declared, stole arround 2-300k runes and made sure to use them up so the opponents could not steal them back.

    Our opponent was all wizard heavy so did not have much succes as A/T, but did 10x abolish ritual on one farm and 8x on another with a kindom mate did the last 2x, their ritual was arround 83% but the spells did not reduce it from what I could see, not even after the tic.

    My question is if anyone has experience with this and can tell me if this spell did have an effect invisible to me or it was impossible to break the ritual, 20x would not destroy it, but I would imagine it is supposed to have some effect besides transfering a few Honor points and removing runes so they could not steal them back.

    Is it best to ignore this option altogether or will the spells only have an effect if 50 casts are made?

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    it doesnt show on the rituals current strength or health, only the KD being targetted could see if their rituals 'health' is decreasing(the effects of the ritual are not influenced by abolish).

    it will only have any effect after 50x successful casts are made, with a maximum of 10x per province being relevant per ritual.

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    what he said and only lifts it at the rituals 49th hour mark
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    We use if fairly often. Ritual effectiveness has no connection whatsoever to ritual strength.

    Think of it this way, strength is the life of the ritual while effectiveness is how much bonuses the ritual gives while it is up.

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