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Thread: where be the power rankings?

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    Idk man your changing your tact, you spent the last few hours arguing the fairy would get chained down and have 0 offense and 0 defense and now your saying the opposite but that it gets your orc some extra hits topfeeding. Which is a better argument ill give you that, but still wrong imo.

    If this is your logic i assume you advise your smaller attackers to just start out full elite from tick one of the war.

    I gotta get off soon.

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    in a full kd wide v kd wide fight the feary should get smashed down so the orcs have people to feed on using spare offense so they are able to break bigger people. like in the 2v2 example i just abandon the 130k off orc to help win the big fight and assume its going to die in 1-2 waves. That seems fine and u could even do that in like a 3v3 maybe a 4v4...but as u start geting up in to large numbers u cant just sacrifise your orcs using 0 def becuase as u said its alot easier to "Recover" if u start with a high def.

    Thats why if theres isnt enough low def targets to available for your high offense people to feed on then you would 100% of the time put in the effort it takes to take a feary whose trying to trutle to an insanely low def. I know just this past age i had a 2000 acre bocan taken down Hard. we had him turtle to slow the chain on him while we took out the main threats and built a massive wall of unbrekables. But man oh man did he get owned. By the end of the war he'd gone from like the 300-400k def to i wanna say 4k offense 10k def? i know at one point he was 50 acres and 3000 nw/acre lol. thats one of the like 3 wars we've lost in the past 15 ages too. turns out when the enemy can conquest down all your econ doesnt matter if they take a while to bring someone down. he fell, he fell hard and for the remaining 5 days of war he might as well of deleted for all he helped.

    edit....point being yes once someone gets chained they either end up like him, they get ignored becuase they're useless enough they dont need to be finished or go 0 def and help out all war. u dont have many other options.
    edit 2...yes my small attakers i run as high of offense and as low of def as i think i can get away with before enemy t/m's can hit consequence free. thats typicall 14-15 epa and 5-7 dspec/acre late age (5:1 off/def ratio?)
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    Best power-ranking discussion in ages! :)

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