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    War Testing

    Unlike most ages in micro-kingdoms, we were fortunate in finding a war. War is a great environment for battle testing since every ability is in play by both sides. These micro-kingdom match ups allow us to see race and personality in full regalia; it was my pleasure to see opposition in the guise of another virtual kingdom build; the avian war hero.

    Now I've already tested the dwarf undead to some degree, so there was nothing learned as much as confirmed: durability allows us to concentrate elsewhere. What I did enjoy seeing, at my own detriment, was the avian war hero utility. Dragon immunity was in play since my kingdom sent 3 gold during the war.

    My impression was that the avian war hero player was experienced. While most of us understand the prime directive of training thieves, it becomes a little more of a prismatic dimension when applied to war hero and almost particular to avian. Long ago, flogger explained the idea behind halfling war hero to me and the effects of honor and dragon immunity: when 2 kingdoms war and they both send sapphire. Things have changed, but the remnants of old mechanics still linger.

    If we apply part of that logic to an attacker and express that difference through sabotage we create a duel threat, which this player accomplished. Consider the war hero spells in Pitfalls and War Spoils. By casting Pitfalls the war hero drew down my undead advantage and using War Spoils prevented me using my durability to ambush his offense. This guy was using his thieves liberally and effectively. Our gold dragons had no effect so I pondered his effectiveness had his kingdom sent a gold or sapphire.

    The opposition had some rather dormant provinces, which is to be expected in retirement micro-kingdoms. We can apply things we know to allow you to see the entire kata, as it were. The avian war hero was stealing my food but the opposing halfling never cast Gluttony. This can be seen as mercy, an unnecessary demonstration of power, or inactivity.
    None the less, we all understand the ramifications. This threat level was realized because the avian war hero player understood that dragon immunity and dragon attrition favored the dual threat.

    I'm not trying to convince others that they need to build dual thread avian war heroes. The abilities in attacking and sabotage unfettered by opposition dragons, and bolstered by their kingdoms dragons can be accomplished by specialists,..but they have to work together. I think it's important to shine a light on the player because it required a combined effort by my kingdom to get him under control.

    To give you an idea of the avian war hero formidability, he was able to double tap and ambush my province at the start of war and had a dominating sabotage advantage. By the end of war he was just below the ability to double tap, but was able to tap and ambush. His sabotage ability was rendered comparable to mine. Casting was a stalemate, but he had the ability to cast Pitfalls(offense) on me and War Spoils(defense/economy) on himself, while I had Animate Dead(defense). ~ At the beginning of war I could barely single tap the avian WH and just getting SoMs was difficult. By end of war, due to dragon effect, dragon slaying, multiple hits besides my own and plague, I was able to double tap his army home and triple his army out.

    Admittedly I just started this new build, but in war we can't match our adversaries to a vacuum of fair practices. Such advantages and disadvantages can be had at any level. play testing isn't about finding a nw match, but to see how the province handles adversity within my grasp of mechanics and tactics.
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