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Thread: Returning Top 3 BF Human LF Active/Fun KD

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    Returning Top 3 BF Human LF Active/Fun KD

    Hello all!

    After taking a break, I always get pulled back into this game. Like the title reads, my highest achievement was Top 3 Human on the BF server where I broke over 1 Mil NW. Have played all sorts of roles and I'm comfortable in any. Favorite role has always been A/T though ;)

    It would be cool if there were still players that played in I N F L U E N C E. Would love to reconnect with them, but other than that, I'm open to getting information and finding the proper KD.

    If you have additional questions, just DM or you can hit me up on Discord (same username). Cheers!

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    I can take ya!

    Human is very popular this age and I can get you back into form if you wish to land crown (its easy to get into but I can get you into quality wars)

    I'll look for you in discord!
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    Sounds good. What's your discord?

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