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Thread: Science Cap

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    Science Cap

    This may have been mentioned before, but it's been like over a year since I've played...but why is there a sci cap? How soft is the cap?


    No cap.
    1) A regular province with no bonuses/revelation/labs gets about 1 sci per day...over 3 months that's 90 sci....that's enough for like 3 maxed thingies. Choosing to run Human, or Sage and keep Revelation 24/7, or pumping labs the whole age - should reward the player!

    2) I could see why this may have been an issue before with the existence of Abduct attack...but seems like that has been removed...the cap should drop with it.

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    There is no cap. One can get as many scientists in each category as they want now. Just that the returns are diminishing once one goes beyond 30 scientists in a category.

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    find my thread on diminishing gains in Strategy for how soft(or not) of a cap it is ...

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