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Thread: New KD is Tuff Enuff

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    Mate you are a nutter. You post loads of nonsense about us, make false calms, delete all the messages cause we call you out , make up more lies and claim this thread was all about this age anyway.

    Good luck.
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    Mate you are a liar
    I made no claims about Pyr. I made claims about me and a player named Yx.
    I said the King sent me mail saying I did nothing wrong. I had no problem with the 2 stewards
    Only this hateful, mean spirited, loudmouth, crying like a 2yr old who lost his binky, named Yx
    He missreads my post as it says I left because of Yx and would never play with this Guy Yx again. EVER.
    So Yx makes 2 new forum accounts just to spam me. Yx is a lame troll jerk.

    edit: Yx lies even more, everybody dislikes you. I told BOTH of you to leave me alone as the King had told me in mail I did nothing wrong. Rude and wrong is not the new helpful. Play candy crush or MahJohng instead. This tissue is wet from your whining.

    @ Jeanesara: This can help you cause you need 5 post to send / receive messages
    GOTO Roleplaying forum , Counting game thread , and post there 6 times. or post here 6 times
    Nobody reads this spam lies

    edit again 8/14: rise you were not King then. Grats on promotion. Dg said in mail I did nothing wrong. So yet another pyr makes new account to spams me. Forum will soon be full. RC said ambush all attacks. I DID THAT. As a larger prov I only hit the biggest chain every day, usually with conq depending how big. I was using 6.5 Archers/acre as advised by Adrenaline. I was not Hybrid, with WH I hit at same raw OP as Avian 9. I played Heretic to buff human magic nerf. 15% homes, 6.5 archers / 3 TPA + science of Hum/Her. All the rest were Knights. I did all I was asked until I got chained. Losing 2400 acres of 3500 is a lot. Spin it all you want YX is relentless rude I never compared my prov to his, I said he is reason I left. this is a free game.
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    Have Fun & Prosper

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    It was actually two kingdom mates who couldn’t resist replying. You were spoken to by the steward and he said you should stick to targets and you told him to go away but using swear words. The fact you didn’t know he was a steward proves what a turtle neck you are.

    Here is a tissue.

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    Hi, why can help me?

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    All i asked from you was that you stick to orders in throne message. Your idea that if someone hits you then you then you should disregard war orders and hit them back is absurd. Being hybrid u never got hit more than 5-10 times in a war, what do you do if you have 10 different provinces attacking you? Then comparing your province shape to a chained province who received over 100 hits for the war was just as ridiculous. We were not the right KD for you, simple as that

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