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Thread: Invitations and full kingdoms

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    Invitations and full kingdoms

    So how does this work? Im in a kingdom but we have only have half positions filled and theres a couple inactives. Do people usually move on to a kingdom they apply for?

    Is it even possible to grow in half full kingdom?

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    The kingdoms closest to 22 will be filled first with the new players. With that being said, yes it is possible growing in a half full kd. You can choose to try and do it there, or find a new kingdom to play in to have a different and possibly better experience. IMO if this is your first time playing this game, try and find a bettet kingdom so you dont get turned off by the inactivity of your kingdom.
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    I agree with umajon911. There are always active kingdoms recruiting. They'll show you how to build for your purpose and tips on strategy and tactics. See what you like and maybe what you don't like.

    I'm in a small kingdom because I like the struggle and comparative freedom. Usually newer players are better off joining active warring kingdoms where you'll get the taste of victory and how to recover in defeat.

    Welcome to Utopia.

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