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Thread: Returning top100 player looping for return

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    Returning top100 player looping for return

    Hi all,

    Utopia came back upon my mind again after many years. If the game is still Alive and there is an active KD willing I would love to try a comeback.

    I'm an oldschool (semi)top player from the Netherlands. Started at university around age 6, played in several kingdoms of wich a few high-honor kd's in the Ages honor was introduced. (Bloodstond KLA, later NOX), Imperials KLA and Simians (KLA). I still remember the years the Absalom KD's were the overall winners of allmost everything....

    I dont know whether setting the alarm in the middle of the night still is needed. Hopefully not. A GMT oriŽntated kindgdom will be best suitable.

    anyone interested?
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