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Thread: balance building effects with caps

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    balance building effects with caps

    Normal buildings give a +x% effect with a cap of 25x. For instance, banks are +1.25% per building, and thus the cap is 25*1.25 = +31.25%.

    There are a few exceptions, and they're pointless.

    Labs give a +4% effect but this is capped at 95%. This is the most pointless, since 95% is hardly any different from 100% here.

    TDs give a +4% effect also, but it's capped at (IIRC) 95% also. This cap is significant, since the difference between 5% losses and 0% losses is substantial. But it would be better to reduce the effect here to, say, 3.75% so that the natural cap is 93.75%.

    Thirdly, forts give a +2% effect. This was bumped for some reason ages ago from its original +1.5%, making forts "better" than tgs that have 1.5%. (But worse than GS which are also 2%.) However forts have an artificial 37.5% cap, presumably simply to make them not brokenly strong. The answer here is simply to reduce forts back to 1.5%.

    If there are other "artificial" caps they too should be removed.

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    There are other artificial caps yes. If I counted right, half the % buildings have an artificial cap, half don't.

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    I'm for capping labs at 100% bonus :P
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    Why would you have two caps? Make the mechanics follow naturally from the rules.

    Homes are another one. The natural cap is +100%, but there's an artificial cap at (IIRC) +75%. Entirely pointless.

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