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Thread: What is this place?

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    What is this place?

    I've run 200% wages at all times not in EoWCF/chained from the very beginning of my Uto days. However, I've seen some provinces stretching their peasantry to fill a fully pumped province at 100% wages with or w/o homes. The vulnerability of doing so and NW ramifications are obvious, but I'm wondering what the military/BE # trade-offs are between the two. Is anyone aware of information discussing this or have any input?
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    100% payrate gives 100% Military effectivity + other bonuses as science, buildings, rituals etc.

    200% payrate gives 107.6% Military effectivity + other bonuses.

    It rises/drops over 5-7 days if changed if I remember correctly.

    I would recomend at low draft rate say 55% and below to use 100% payrate and the increased income to raise draft, then use 200% payrate once you pass that mark for best efficiency.
    Some prefer to use 50% payrate in warending cf but I personly do not like that idea as your base ME can drop below 100% that way and it rises slowly. Also you would typically have an ecconomy build then and should make plenty of gold for 100% payrate.

    Insted I use 100% payrate in situations where I have been randommed and sent out my military in retal, since my ME already recieved a boost it will probably not drop much below the orginal mark before my army return, and that way I'll have a bit more income than before the hit to retrain troops that I lost on defense and offense. Also I'll have GB protection to discurage further attacks, this is just one nice trick that might work well if you remember to change the draft rate back again.

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    actually from 50% it can rise quite fast, as the mechanic for change = 5% of the difference between current pay rate, and the effective wage rate.

    If you are bottomed out to MIN from wages, you can get back to 100% 'Base' ME in 8h set at 200%. If you are in a CF, and do this anywhere from 8h before you train, up to your training date, and then reduce back to 100% after 8h, it actually costs very little. Savings will depend on how much of your military had survived the War in the first place, but every GC counts!

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    As for heavy-draft builds, the answer seems clear. when you have peons in war as an attacker you are extra vulnerable to overpopulation upon being 'chained'. in all likelihood these KD are plundering or robbing and then coasting on the GC into war, and cant actually afford their wages on their own. This can be a vulnerability, as it becomes quite possible to 'wage lock' enemy provinces if they are not attentive. If they dont get paid the tick before their army returns- armies dont march!

    After 2-3 waves, attackers will either have grown and picked up some econ, and the wage gap will drop for them, or they will get chained and be back to 50% wages and being fed anyways. I imagine most KDs like this run at 50% wages, nearly 100% of the time, until nearing war start. TMs less so, they will pay what they can afford, generally.

    You save money for continuing to pump deeper and deeper, and you leave room for growth, ie; it helps battle attrition with mods to BME over the 'mintime' period of a war.

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    Only need to go down on wages when you get chained. Otherwise you can sustain 70% draft 200% wages. Homes are great and a few banks and you're fine.

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