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Thread: Orc Strategy

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    Don't all of my people need homes? Or where will they live??? Seems a bit insensitive to me to have so many homeless people. A few I can understand??

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    when you need GC to train etc, sure those peons need homes. but once war comes they can gtfo! raze the homes into hosps,rax,tg,stable, etc... reduce ur wages to 50% and make friends with someone who will feed you wages when you armies are coming home...

    razing too much homes can put you into overpop and stop you from attacking. to avoid this (assuming you wanted to attack same tick) the most you can raze is 37.5% homes without going over 115% overpopulated(the point where ur army refuse to march, and begin to desert)... generally you would do this 12h(or whatever ur build time is) before war, and you would have that much time for peons to leave and drop your pop back under 115%
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    Homes are essential if you're growing but as soon as war becomes eminent, you should reduce or eliminate homes, convert into barracks, training grounds, guard stations... whatever suits.

    When you get the empty acres from attacking, I build some homes and guard stations so that people have a harder time taking you down (homes help against overpopulation, guard stations reduce the damage you take).

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    Another thing you can do if you are certain a war is coming and you will be chained among the first(you are orc after all) is to rebuild the homes into homes(the homes should be ready like 1-2 ticks after the start of the war). The idea of this is to reduce your peasant pop but keep high be for the beginning and high max pop once you are chained. The enemy can see only already built acres.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niko View Post
    With my setup as Orc/Ud I achieve 44 DPA (w/ armies out) and 177 OPA (i.e. 4x) at a ratio of 1:2 (dspec:elite)

    and 67 DPA (w/ armies out) and 134 OPA (i.e. 2x) at a ratio of 1:1 (dspec:elite).

    I run 1:1 (dspec:elite) OOW because I'm in a ghetto where I exclusively attack to grow and I tend to get farmed at 1:2 (dspec:elite). At 1:1, I rarely suffer more than an Ambush while bottomfeeding.

    e: including 3 raw tpa, which I find comfortable for stealing
    How do offspecs fit into the strategy? Do you train them for OOP then slowly convert them to elites through attrition?

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    pretty much

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