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Thread: Abducts in war

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    Abducts in war

    - encourages war (it's the only way to steal scientists in the game)
    - can do a sci wave to those annoying KDs who refuse to WD
    - universities are actually useful again (I don't think ANYONE built a single university this age)

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    - doesn't encourage warring but fake warring. More specifically it encourages tms to make hits for 1 scientist on land def attackers. That way both KDs can agree to farm their tms by transferring scientists from rich attackers to tms.
    - refusing to wd usually means farming land and honor which with the ww bonus can give you 2-3 titles in a single war
    - i did see few humans with unis this age... didn't help much at 200a :).

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    I agree that Universities need to change.

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    with no access to abduct, such stiff competition for plunders these days, and the advent of the war proposal- there are less and less 'meter' interaction between KDs, imo, hostiles are now largely just one KD waiting for another to offer a CF. we need more volume and variety of interaction, and we need better incentive for KD who are willing to run up the meter (and those who are willing to reply).

    how about bring abducts back outside of war only, and make scientist generation +50% or so during war (not EoWCF) ... Maybe you could have +25% for mutual hostile or something like that too. If people really hate the bottom-feed nature of abducts that much, we could add something similar to conquest range, but applied to KD NW?

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    hit for 0 acres in war and get chained faster than you can say "fun time chained province on 0 incomming land" just a bad idea you are supposed to take land in war, and even if t/m's can hit chained provinces nw diffrence should not allow for abducts.

    Maybe it would be relevant to change either the science system or bring back some form of abducts but this is not the suggestion that is needed.

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    I disagree with bringing back abducts oow. It was just a necessary thing to do just to keep the status quo, which, to me, is just busy work.
    I think the removal of abducts is a step in the right direction, but not good enough of execution.

    @Madchess - tbh I only ever do abducts and learn waves when the opponent has clearly lost but stubborn enough to not WD. I agree that the science system needs polishing.

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    just keep abducts gone from the game -- things are better this way.

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