We're looking to build a community that eschews the use of things like Facebook, Munkbot, Discord... and uses Mattermost and or irc. We want to be an informal community with honor. I've spent the last few ages perfecting my skills with Mattermost -- a Slack like chat that is open source. A few weeks ago I secured a bare metal server; and, took everything I have learned during the last few ages, and migrated. I took the extra time to polish all the little details; since I intend for this to be a long time home. The server is plenty large / powerful enough to accommodate multiple kingdoms. We would like to welcome Lucid bot and Stingerbot kingdoms (and others just no munk). We would like to (as said before) foster a community of friendly honorable utopia players; that unites against bottom feeders, bullies and all those who play dishonorable. I can personally donate time to mentor other kingdoms (who have interested monarchs) if they are interested. My kingdom is also interested in recruiting as well. I am hopeful that we can have a friendly community of both serious and casual players.