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Thread: Recruiting Savages

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    Recruiting Savages

    I should start by saying that if you are looking for a “Pajama Party Kingdom” you my friend, should keep looking. If you are looking for a short description of the kingdom before you, I can offer you two words “MEAT & POTATOES”.

    Alarms? Great, sleep is for the weak. What if i have a girlfriend who won't let me be hardcore. TFB get a sitter or a new lady. Armies come in they go back out. You lose a horse? Get whipped with a wet noodle.

    “What if I'm chained?”. . .You whiney hoser! I told you to stop reading. . . Any player who runs this Attacker doesn’t give a damn about the chain. Not even skin meltin acid chain, Cause he’s already dripping wet in blood, sweat, dip spit, and halfling guts.

    I am not the best but I'll work my ass off for a W. So grab an ore or GTFO the boat. Moving in one direction and that's up the charts. There's been highs and low's. We learn from our mistakes and we don't repeat them the same is expected of you.

    You're a newbie with hardcore work ethic? Great we will develop you. You're a know-it-all megalomaniac? TFB bring the skill and check the ego at the door. Bottom line is we need some bodies who aren't afraid to grind.

    1. More chest hair.
    2. You’re growing a beard.
    3. Meat Only Diet.
    4. T-Rex for a pet.
    5. You’re taking a job at the lumber mill.
    6. Your car carries five kegs.
    7. Catch more fish.
    8. Wire bristled toothbrush.
    9. Sex in the yard.
    10. Sex in the garage.
    11. All male offspring.
    12. Chiseled jaw line.
    13. Not giving a damn.
    14. Flesh turning to steel.
    15: Born with a Moustache
    16. Cigars in your sandwhich

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    lol epic nice recruitment post. <3

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    +1 A for effort

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    what kingdom is this? might convince the kingdom to war you cause we could do with an easy first war.
    Furthermore I think Carthage should be destroyed and Dryads brought back to the game

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