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Thread: Camelot looking for new able bodies!

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    Camelot looking for new able bodies!

    The warring kingdom of Camelot (honor rank 27, war record 4 / 5 / 13.67) is looking for new active players to join our ranks.

    Who are we?

    Camelot is a long standing actively warring kingdom with people from all around the world from a wide range of backgrounds, ages ans skills. We offer a friendly place to experience utopia in a competitive environment. We accept both new, experienced and returning players, if you're an active player looking for a new home, please DM me here or in-game (3:16), or check #camelot-public out on discord!

    What we offer:

    * a friendly but competitive kingdom
    * various in-house tools e.g. bots
    * experienced leadership
    * reasonable flexibility
    * all roles are on the table at the moment
    * awesome people

    What we're looking for:

    * active players of any experience
    * ability to wave once a day and do armies in / out apart from that
    * people who communicate
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    Now looking for a thief, and perhaps an attacker!

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    Is Fay still playing in Camelot?

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