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Thread: Race negatives and Sci

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    Race negatives and Sci

    so check this out boys and girls. every negative can be countered by sci for every single race except one. wtf is that? kinda funny how you **** on orc meanwhile you make av/wh unstoppable. +credits means if you can draft you never lose offense doesnt even matter about the losses you can retrain right back. you gain offense with the convert from WH and you can counter the negatives by stacking Siege and Tactics. yes not every effective but still true.

    fae can counter their negative by stacking Alch sci
    Dwarf by production sci
    Elf by IA (15% reduction in wages) spell not sci but still able to keep this up 100% of the time ( pally would make the negative a 5%)
    Halfling by tools sci
    human by sorcery sci
    orc by none

    good system. but logically makes 0 sense and completely biased.

    so add a sci that reduces losses or take the sci negative off orc next age. you focus so hard on the fact that orc could stack siege with their +20% battle gains but didn't pay attention to the race negatives being countered by sci part of the game.

    any thoughts on this? a race negative shouldn't be counter-able by sci or spell. re-evaluate this for next age. thank god this age is only 6 weeks

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    I feel this. As a human, I enjoy predictable mechanical patterns.

    The sci penalty feels harsh next to the already harsh loss penalty. Harsher still next to a buffed Avian. And the nerfed draft bonus.

    I'd grant that maybe balancing so many mechanics relative to one another is no easy task. Maybe we need rotating race/pers from age to age. Maybe we should go back to science being tied directly to buildings.
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    Orc has some overpowered bonuses tho. And they're not exactly attainable with sci.
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    The way to counter -10% sci on an orc is to AIAO learn attacks. I thought this is obvious enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alleria View Post
    if you can draft
    key thing to the op is this. avain war hero isn't that nice beyond oop since most of the time you'll be fully trained undrafting. And when your "at war able to draft" you generally dont care as much about offensive sustain as you do about training def to slow down people trying to chain you. personally if i were to go avain i'd go with tact and be a chain finisher constantly smacking the crap outa those guys that need finishing or undead and then i have both better sustain and the chance to inflict plague.
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    actually, i dont think spell success in humans can be countered. The WPA negative, sure. But not the self-spell success without simply adding more guilds.. but its still sort of there anyway.

    But the sci negative for orcs is obviously addressing race gains + ritual gains + sci gains -> but gives them back tpa. Starting from a base negative to tpa or wpa is more difficult than having a limited top end. If you compare only final results.. sure its the same, but you're not going to have high science for many categories, and orc bonuses as is are pretty powerful -> highest base offense, highest potential offense, highest potential gains, more kills per attack and RM. These are already fantastic base bonuses for attackers, limiting their top end, and rate of increase in science bonuses makes sense when you deep compare them to races that dont have the same attacking bonuses.

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