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    The Virtual Kingdom: 78

    TECTONICS *~ Age 78 Virtual Kingdom


    Avian: war hero ~ Holy Diver
    Elf: mystic ~ Rainbow in the Dark
    Faery: rogue ~ I Could've Been a Dreamer
    Halfling: heretic ~ Sunset Superman
    Human: warrior ~ Don't Talk to Strangers


    Avian: war hero ~ Stargazer
    Elf: heretic ~ Can't Let You Go
    Halfling: rogue ~ Since You've Been Gone
    Human: warrior ~ Man on the Silver Mountain
    Orc: tactician ~ Stone Cold


    Faery: mystic ~ The Wizard
    Dwarf: paladin ~ Wheels of Confusion
    Halfling: paladin ~ Sweet Leaf
    Avian: paladin ~ Heaven & Hell
    Orc: tactician ~ War Pigs


    Avian: war hero ~ Perfect Strangers
    Elf: heretic ~ Smoke on the Water
    Halfling: rogue ~ Hush
    Human: warrior ~ Space Truckin'
    Orc: tactician ~ Knocking at Your Back Door


    Dwarf: undead ~ Over the Mountain
    Dwarf: undead ~ Killer of Giants
    Dwarf: undead ~ Shot in the Dark
    Elf: mystic ~ Flying High Again
    Faery: heretic ~ Crazy Train
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