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Thread: Question about Science Bonuses

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    An Orc (so -10% effect) But here it is, a bit over 3m points.

    Alchemy 150,000 +20.6% Income

    Tools 356,900 +22.7% Building Effectiveness

    Housing 450,000 +15.3% Population Limits

    Production 230,000 +109.6% Food & Rune Production

    Bookkeeping 6,342 -3.6% Wage Reduction

    Artisan 170,000 -12.5% Construction Time

    Strategy 150,000 +11.8% Defensive Military Efficiency

    Siege 400,046 +16.8% Battle Gains

    Tactics 345,800 +17.9% Offensive Military Efficiency

    Valor 50,000 -8.5% Military Train Time & +8.5% Dragon Slaying Strength

    Heroism 38,205 +5.9% Draft Speed & -5.9% Draft Costs

    Crime 300,401 +75.0% Thievery Effectiveness

    Channeling 33,693 +30.7% Magic Effectiveness

    Shielding 300,000 -16.7% Damage from Enemy Thievery and Magic Instant Operations

    Cunning 13,282 +3.5% Thievery and Magic Instant Operation Damage

    Invocation 133,700 -13.9% Ritual Rune Cost

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    well it is less for those of us that has focused on warring, still books produced can easily be halved next age when we are back to 11-12 weeks length.

    On labs only I've done almost as well as those that used schools in my kingdom at arround 1.6 million books or so and only really had arround 8-9 days mostly in warending where we could put in buildings and cast revelation reguarily. have gotten up to 2.5% increase a tic with revelaton on top of labs. Almost where I want to be for most categories which should not be the case this early in an age unless we are dumbing it down again so everyone get way over the previous soft cap.
    Furthermore I think Carthage should be destroyed and Dryads brought back to the game

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