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Thread: Question about Science Bonuses

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    Question about Science Bonuses

    I've calculated the bonuses from sciences at certain amounts of books...

    With the inital 5 scientists, you get approximately 6.5million books for the whole age (assuming a 12 Utopian YR age, no schools, no learns).

    6.5million books gives you certain alarming bonuses...but the ones I'm most curious about are the reduction bonuses... For example the following 4:

    Wage Reduction = 130%
    Military Training Time Reduction = 107%
    Ritual Rune Cost Reduction = 107%
    Instant Ops Reduction Damage = 87%

    I'm assuming these bottom out at 0, right? As in, you don't suddenly start gaining money from wages or gaining runes from casting a ritual.

    The most worrisome is Training Time...107% reduction in time means you get the troops the tick before you train them. This won't break Utopia right?

    Furthermore, with a little more effort you could reach 100% reduction in instant ops damage. What if you have 150% reduction from instants, do you gain peasants when fireballed/kidnapped? Spawn troops when nightmared? Receive donation troops from propaganda?? lol
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