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Thread: Best warring KDs

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    Electric Sheep are pretty damn good. Crown kingdom in the making.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madchess View Post
    Persians is that the new rival kd to Spartans and lead by Persain?
    Persain only logs In once a day in war.
    BLUE your my boy!

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    true, but if u never log out does that count as only once per day?

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    Had to budge in here and comment.

    Really tired of people saying "Warring kingdoms are best at warring, growth kingdoms just explore past them."

    This is not the case. Growth kingdoms became growth kingdoms only because they were better at warring than anybody else in the warring tier. I know this was said a lot of times by many people. But you people treat it as it's just some propaganda spread by top kingdoms to glorify themselves. Well this comes from a person that spent almost all of his uto time in warring kingdoms. Try warring a growth kingdom. Explore early age and test them. You will be smacked down as they are just more organized, more active, have better strategy, know much more about the game. You will not be able to keep up.

    So for all of you saying growth kingdoms can't war - you are, without a doubt, wrong. Look at how growth kingdoms war. The level of commitment needed to pull it off is above the paygrade of almost all warring kingdoms.

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    Guy gets farmed because his in a ghetto, conclusion "growth kingdoms are better -- my ghetto got farmed" / End Sarcasm

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