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Thread: Games like Utopia..

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    Games like Utopia..

    Anyone know of any games similar to Utopia?

    I used to love playing that one until things got shaky...looking for something like it to whittle the hours away on occasion.

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    You should play Utopia


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    Is this the game you're looking for?

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    Just play everything as time allows, doing chess and other board games, utopia, wow and strategy games on steam, sometimes I do not play some for a week or more but always get back again, utopia is the only one I need to do on a daily basis, the rest is situational.

    In London we have a group called London on Board where you can litterally go to a pub or cafe every day and play board games they also have a great event called mind sport olympics but only once a year in August. Can also recomend Pademic 2 but only if you are doing it in your work break, did get to wipe out everyone on earth once while waiting for calls in a callcenter, the highlight of that day.
    Furthermore I think Carthage should be destroyed and Dryads brought back to the game

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