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Thread: Suggestion: Fix Borders

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    Suggestion: Fix Borders

    Problem: the current borders on the Utopia pages are too visible, giving the game an amateuristic look.
    Solution: Extend the background with the logo on it (leftmost border) to cover the entire page

    This is a screenshot from the right side of the section where the borders end/begin. It's right under the dropdown button with your username.

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    I have no issue with borders, i have it set to Neo Classic but i understand what you mean ... i thought the new 'apps/add ons allowed people to customize their screens yeah? Ah well i like utopia as it is/(was)... (please being back land/peasant growth effects upon sciences again ...)

    I can imagine the screen without borders and yeah it seems just as beautiful ... but i dont think borders are amaturish ... isnt it a visual addition - a bane not a boon.

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    Trump is allegedly working on this problem.

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