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Thread: Looking For Veteran KD

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    Looking For Veteran KD

    Hey everyone, my current KD will be disbanding at EoA so im hoping to find a new family before the age gets started.

    About me:

    Ive been playing for 40+ ages like many of us who are still kicking. During ages 50-62 I served as monarch of The Revolution typically finishing in the top 5 and age 55 winning the war crown. For the past 5 ages I rejoined one of my old KD mates in Carnage and have had a blast here, but regretably everyone is riding off into the sunset so it is time to move on as well. I enjoy and am best utilized as a T/M, though I have plenty of experience as an attacker ofc if required. I run my provinces extremely well, regularly set 2 hour alarms if needed during wars, and always put the KD first.

    What I am looking for:

    I am pretty set on joining an established KD. I have built a KD from the ground up before, but it is a heart-crushing struggle that my old-man bones just dont have the patience for any longer. I am semi flexible on this with the right core, but 9 times out of 10 I would respectfully decline newly formed KDs.

    I would prefer to play a TM role, though depending on the situation I am willing to play whatever is best for the KD.

    I always love reuniting with old friends, so if you know me speak up! I have/will always go by "Horde" in game.

    NW/Honor/Land Crowns have always been an added bonus for me and although they are welcome I want to be in a KD that looks to constantly war with little to no down time. I need a KD that places #1 in War Wins as its top priority.

    Thanks for your time, if you have any questions PM me and we can exchange contact info to discuss things further.

    Cheers! - #1 War Wins with 8/8 Wars, Age 55.

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    I approve.

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    That sounds nice, almost the same story goes for me... let me know if you find that KD, imma join as well...thx (O:

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    Did you guys find a kingdom?

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    not yet

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