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Thread: Age 79 Power rankings

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    Age 79 Power rankings

    For the first time (published) ever, I've included horses in the calculation. This causes a circular reference, which I've dealt with by doing a first pass estimate with a fixed 15% TGs that then drives the actual ratio calculation. (Remember I use a fixed offense:defense ratio. Currently 70%:30%, or just over double tap range... though I debated dropping it back to 65% as the game gets a bit less suicider-y.) It is possible for the estimate to produce slightly more horses than troops, but the estimating error isn't large so I'm not worried about fixing it. (And chopping produces it's own problems - this is the "soft fail" mode that stays linear across the boundary.)

    Avian has fallen hard due to the new horse calculation. They are getting a full 30% TGs as compensation (and no horse NW), but it isn't quite fair. Also remember that gains mods (Orc, and avian via speed, and less so anyone with QF) isn't accounted for in my version. (Other people's versions do look at this, and will hopefully follow.) Also as always, no assessment of econ - everyone just runs a flat 5 Pes/A. For science, I've rounded my age ending sci down - I wasn't crazy on sci this age, kinda a kingdom-wide vacation age, so hopefully that's pretty fair for the midpoint and beyond.

    Also, I've set the "dud" race, just a pile of ospcs and dspecs with no bonuses, to 100%, instead of the best race. So now we get %s over 100, but that is just because the benchmark is the dullest race now. (Suggestion - make races better than lack of races.) Personalities are applied to the default race - they might do different things went put onto an actual race.

    And now, the actual power rankings!

    Avian no Elite______134.3____57.6___197.9____0.97_____96.81%
    No Race_________150______64.3___214______1.002___100.00%
    Human no Elite____152.1____65.2___214______1.016___101.40%
    Dwarf no Elite_____152.3____65.3___214______1.017___101.54%
    War Hero_________161.2____69.1___223.5____1.03____102.89%
    Elf no Elite________160.8____68.9___221.8____1.036___103.43%
    Halfer no Elite_____163.8____70.2___223______1.049___104.77%
    it's vs. its is ambiguous - from now on I'm attempting to use the proper possessive it's, and the contraction 'tis. (Its will just be the plural.)

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    go horsies go! TY ethan

    Mine is mostly similar to what I've been doing; I added science in, it is based on last Age's modifiers, but with new things like build costs and Orcs nerf etc... I set to 250k books per category(4M total books)... for last Age this should be representative of mid-late Age scenario... Racial spells ARE included.





    Combined Totals

    A tie!?! Could it be?

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    My numbers in the same spirit of ethan effectively is measuring pure attacker or tanky attacker power only. Im on 10% pop science, 2.5 effective raw wpa, 1.5 effective raw tpa, 54 raw dpa, 10% homes, 1 horse per attacking unit and a normalized nw on each prov out.......def in.......Race
    ......196,918...115,31....115,319........feary (leet def offspec off)
    ......201,331...105,73....105,731........halfling (leet def offspec off)

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    again you 3 little trolls are spaming the internet with bs

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    you mean the 4 of us

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    Great Stuff

    Thank you guys!
    I look forward to these posts every age start.

    They help many people.

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    Thank you guys.
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    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
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