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Thread: Barcoloco - First kd in history of Utopia to win Quad Crown

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    Barcoloco - First kd in history of Utopia to win Quad Crown

    Dear Community,

    We had a vision, a vision we thought might not be possible but we aimed at it age after age. We aimed to crown in all four categories; Networth, Land, Honor and The moat warring Kingdom in Utopia. Triple crowns was done before but adding the warwin crown made it almost impossible. A few ages ago we came very close but Hipmunks decided to not war us as they would have lost. We were content at winning two crowns but we were not happy.
    There was something missing.

    Barcoloco are not a business cooperation like Emeriti where you need to have insane activity or you are not welcome (this is my personal feeling after speaking to some players in Emeriti). We are a bunch of friends and old timers who played with each other for a long time, many of us got kids and jobs which makes it hard to compete based on pure activity. We know we need to win by using the best setup and by being smarter.

    Aiming for quad crown each age haven’t always been easy. We need to war up or we wont get honor or warwin points which means our competition gets a head start as they usually only go for growth. It is a tricky situation but this age we did it. I know some infidels may say it wasn't a real age cause it was 5-6 week age only but you need to adapt. Need to adapt each age and an age is an age so don't be salty and accept our superiority.

    I want to thank my kingdoms families. The wives, the kids. They made a great sacrifice. The wife’s that lost sleep cause their husband needed to attack middle of the night. The children who asked their daddy’s: “Why did we stop the car and park here daddy? What are you waiting for? What are you doing on the phone?” To all the players who had to promise their wives that this is only temporary. To the lady who sacrificed her law career a little bit by staying up and casting Town watch 24/7. You guys are truly deserving. We are the Magnificent 25 and the unique players who are the only ones with a quad crown in the history of mankind. I will print 25 T-shirts with Four crowns on (Sonny, get to work). For each one of you because I dont think a Quad crown will be seen ever again in the life of this game.

    Following players made history in age 78:

    Maugrim: My King! Your people skills are sometime questionable and I hate it when I try to tell you about stuff in war that concerns me and you reply: I don't care! You really piss me off but your dedication and sacrifice made this happen. All wars you barely slept and I think I speak for the whole kingdom when I say that we couldn't have done this without you. I hope that you got your dream crown and can start relaxing more knowing you are the monarch that led Barcoloco to quad crown. We did it my brother!

    Hesus: Prophet, Genius and best strategist in Utopia. Sorry Djorje, you may be good but nowhere near Hesus level. I do still want to punch you in the face Hesus because of how rude and mean you are to me when I want to talk war strategy with you. Answers like: “It is beyond your brain capacity to understand” or “stfu and dont waste my time asking me about strategy. Just do what i say” isnt nice to hear and we only put up with you because of you being the best player we have seen. It has been a honor!

    Beck: Again you end up as one of the top three avians. Never miss an attack and you made a miracle with me in SWEA and now here! Phenis by Beck really Is a catch phrase that got picked up and will always be attached with you. Always nice to talk serious stuff and you write Phenis by Beck randomly....

    Blergh: I liked you more the last time we crown. Your Australian bum have become a bit cocky but still you are a damn good Rogue. In Emeriti war you OP them beginning of each tick and they weren't fast enough to ET. That was so impressive to see. But stop promising people that i will give free vacation trip to Vietnam and free Samsung telephones because we won...

    Bry: Sometimes you say like brainless stuff and you are so negative at times but you really stepped up this age. Playing Avians are hard as they demand lots of activity but you also sat CBP:s Avian almost 21 days when he got married and went to honeymoon. You barely slept during wars and kudos to you my friend, you pulled some impressive activity this age, especially for being a french Canadian.

    Byzza: New Roro for the age. I never understood when tour normal sleep timings were and i know it was difficult playing Avian with strange timings. But you barely miss an attack. You did attack wrong target in war once but i forgive you cause you attacked correctly 100 other times.

    Cappodocians: Barcoloco was your pub, so this is to honor you, you french druggy. Your GF is so hot and I hope you will share more pictures! Lay off the weed man. I liked your passion when you come online and pushed everyone and then disappeared for 12 hours cause you prioritized your girlfriends over us...get your priorities straight.

    CFH: You got booted a couple of ages ago because of your damn ways to piss people off. When someone bounced, you made fun of them and constantly pissing leadership off. Matija told us many times to take you back and well i am glad we did. You are still rude and impolite Croatian but you are a good and active player. You still piss me off but heck so does the whole kd basically. I think you got top honor Avian also so Congrats my bag of dirks!

    Cute Baby Panda:
    Congratulations on getting married and I hope you had a nice honeymoon. I hope i also can leave stressful life and move to Vietnam one day. You were good until you had to prioritize your wife and family over this game. But you earned this quad crown as much as anyone else!

    Eleutheria (Female): The only female utopian player with a quad crown. A successful sexy lawyer from America with gaming as one of your big bad you are married. I know i didn’t want to bring you in cause women are usually bad uto players and cause a lot of drama but you proved me wrong. You are one of the best players i have played with, so damn good and active. Was great having you as only paladin but i felt others got more PI and stuff than me...why?

    Fatcat: Still complains all the time. You are annoying but our kd would not be our kd without you. I think now you cant complain when we got quad crown. Also be more open minded toward Swedish immigrants, not all are bad!

    Kveli: Came in after Coss ragequit 1/3 into the age. I know you wanted age off but I guess you made the right choice coming back. Brought stability in preparation and you played that big elf really well!

    Lockheart: Usually I have to call you all the time but this age you were online before army came home and you didnt even bounce. Really impressive age from you and I guess it was the quad crown motivating your American six pack! Most fit irl utopian player in the world?

    Magic: Moved back to Denmark beginning of the age and you didn't want to play because of 5 week age... Maug had to sit you almost 2 weeks in the beginning I think and the rest of the time you complained about your science being so bad instead of thanking Maugrim that he sat for you. But it was good having you back and would have been weird quad crowning without you

    Matija: Wanted to boot this Croatian three times. You and your damn schools. Next time just obey orders! CFH came back and you started to be more cocky and rude...wth why? And Emeriti not chaining you before second WD was outrageous. You deserved to be chained and not be Crowning as biggest Avian. You have been a real pain in the ass this age but there is no doubt that you are the real Matija and not the wannabe sparta Matija. Didn't even need to wake you up like once this age!

    No7orious: You are awesome Rogue but since you got deported back to Pakistan you sometime fall asleep and I have to call to Pakistan 10 times before you wake up. No wonder my money got frozen when i sent money from Korea to Sweden. I bet they checking my phone records and thinking it is terrorist money. But you are my paki bro even thou you make my blood boil!

    Rpgnuke: One of the best Rouges! This American barely missed a tick of ops. XX:00:01 he did the ops needed. Emeriti barely caught you with their XX:00:02 ET:s. You don't talk much but I don't care as you are one of the most reliable uto players I have played with. You got your quad crown bro!

    Rust: Yeah I understand that this hybrid Romanian Brittish guy got pissed waking up at 2 am on work night and had to wait an hour for a target. Many of you did. But I dont know why but when Rust get angey i get scared. You have been solid Rust, I hope this Brexit crap wont mess up with your career.

    Scitzo: I had to beg you to stay beginning of the age my Malaysian brother. I am glad I convinced you. No matter day or night, we highlight you and you get on. You got chained a lot of times this age but you kept going! Hope to see you in Busan soon!

    Sonny: My weird American padawan. I have sense some aggression from you when we called you 10 times at night cause we wanted your 7k runes. I love your banners but i wish 98% wasn't with my face on! As always your activity was good and your children might have gotten scared when we called you at nights! I love you bro! Made Coss quit, can have that on your CV.

    Spekkie: We played long time together Spekkie. You weren't sure of playing this age because of two small kids and a wife you fear. Usually you never wake up at night and set sitter but this age you were the old dutch player I played together with like 15 years ago. Your wife must have been wondering wth you were doing. I am so glad you are here with me to crown! But please show me more respect in front of the kd members!

    Stone: Another sick American Rogue. You got your baby like a couple of months ago but still you barely missed any ticks. I hardly saw you sleep. Always fun to see you correcting Maug when he thinks he remember the old days! These crowns are for our kids!

    Strk9: My longhaired Swedish living in Spain. You are 40 plus, please cut the hair. Always the most prepped Avian, you really know how to do province management. I know it must have been hard running your own company and waking up at night hitting with these cursed avians but you did it. Lets dedicate these crowns to your fallen kitten!

    Xartex: I liked you from the beginning when you joined last age. Stable good soldier and you got your first crowns and started with a quad crown! Not a bad way to start crowning! Keep going my Americans friend.

    I wanna thank Chyrus and Sonaris for being there with us and rooting for us! Thank you Coss for your short time with us, to bad it didn't work out. Thanks Jack3d, I respect your decision to quit if no motivation for utopia. Also thank you Chadbrochill for picking Emeriti over us, but you did make the wrong choice mate. We also want to thank Pladovia and Vicious to get into a war so that Pladovia dropped their war points. It was deserved as we had 5/5 win and fighting in the top vs 4/4.

    Barcoloco, the only kingdom to ever Quad Crown! WE DID IT! WE FINALLY MADE HISTORY!

    Best Regards
    President Mansoor
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    how odd ... i was certain you were offering those things to us :( ... so sad ... but ill take a t-shirt :D
    Always odd

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    Preferred the last post that got deleted

    3.4/2 would do again

    also age did suck and still does

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    Dude it takes time to write and these mods are like nazis these days so had to tone it down A LOT.
    Age was awesome!

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    Man you live in Korea with a big shot job Mansoor, the least could get is get your kd mates a Samsung S9 each!

    good job!

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    Take notes people. This is how you write a self-pat on the back.
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    <3 you Mansoor!

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    First and last time there's a quad crown unless we get more short ages

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    Are you guys related to the old BecarioLokos?
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    Well played Mansoor, greatest of kings
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    Hats off!

    Proud of you guys and I <3 Sh33p aka No7orious....what happen to Diabien?? (i miss that dude)
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    Nice going guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
    love that thick mahogany back with no belly carve or anything...pure thick wood ! The thing ROCK is made of !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korp View Post
    Man you live in Korea with a big shot job Mansoor, the least could get is get your kd mates a Samsung S9 each!

    good job!
    Agree and better to hurry because S10 is coming out soon :)

    Congrats for win i see you pass Rage again :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by DonJuan View Post
    Hats off!

    Proud of you guys and I <3 Sh33p aka No7orious....what happen to Diabien?? (i miss that dude)
    Thanks! No idea about Diabien. Miss you, killim and redpanda, good times.

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    Too many Croats in this game.
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