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Thread: Age 79 Virtual Kingdom Draft

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    i'd could argue the point against that for feary(or your elf warhero) but either way that'd play out halfer war hero still not a hybrid. Similarlly to how u can run an avain tact with 4 raw tpa and only hit for ****ty gains as a chain finisher while u ns+riot and act as a "hybrid" but i wouldnt classify the race/personality as predominately hybrid just like i wouldnt with halfing warhero :P

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    tbh, it should be play style which determines if your a hybrid or not. I can easily turn a Elf rogue into a heavy attacker no problem..... it is realizing the give take of the population in relation to DPA/OPA/TPA/WPA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedPanda View Post
    My comment is more in general, it is physically impossible to do everything at once. Just random ideas and thoughts and preferences to my comment above.

    But yea Ideas is only theory, it is the player which make it possible.... like you said into art. And one person cannot do it, does not mean another person cannot not do it.

    TBH, most monarchs locked into a single viewpoint build, and once someone different comes along they reject it being they dont know how to play it, and if it is another kingdom that has it in a war then they fail to provide an answer to that build being they think only their current viewpoints.

    also I want to try a Elven build with 20-25% Hospitals that I saw in a prior age... though I dont remember if it was a cleric or warrior.... been too long... maybe it was you that I nabbed the Survey from.
    Agreed. I'm difficult to work with because I have tendencies but no system. Even with access to formal pump mechanisms I'm not one to maximize potential. As an example, last age I ran a halfer heretic and left ospecs hanging around without paying attention to them. I could've easily converted them to soldiers just for additional defense, or thieves or wizards via guild attrition. That is to say, I manage my provinces but seem to keep a Swiss Army knife at a subconscious level. It doesn't translate to build advice so I try to point new players toward guys with spreadsheets.

    I was very fond of elf clerics, but only played them occasionally because I experiment with builds. My findings were that elf cleric had great potential. I had started one with 5 weeks left in an age and joined Jerks in an age off. This offered me the proving grounds I desire most: relative internal chaos in a high caliber tier. This meant we were yielding randoms from sub-whoring tier war and full blown whoring kingdoms. I got to operate in war and get double-teamed out of war. Players with exquisite province builds and great tactical knowledge would attack, allowing me to invoke my challenge idioms. By the last 2 weeks I was operating with near impunity, even ignoring encroachment from great but smaller war kingdoms.

    Two other builds I found overpowering were a human cleric and undead sage. The human cleric was so successful I abandoned it in my kingdoms interest to start a new orc mystic. The undead sage was another late starter with which I could simply toy with opponents. Since I'm not into charting I don't pursue builds I know eclipse those I've operated under strict regimes. The human cleric attained levels where I was reliably thwarting multiple chain attempts including organized NM waving. It's not that I believe these builds were unstoppable; it's that since they'd required stiff effort from good enemy kingdoms they were competition level.

    So when I stumble into builds, knowing I'm a slob of a province manager who prefers to eat attacks by superior opposition, I know they can be honed into incredible core components.

    PS the undead sage was the ultimate oow province in that it was monstrous regarding the meter. The duality of learn and amnesia made for some of the most interesting acts of disinterest from the opposition. Whenever an enemy went UF I broke out the amnesia and opponent after opponent simply stopped their aggressions. I was a "plunder for extra runes" guy with the offense to cover acre dispersion.
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    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
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    [QUOTE=StratOcastle;15469587]I'm on a short break, but I'll start. To my eye I find nothing wrong, other than a missing undead, but that's not really a point of critique. You have solid understanding from what I see.

    Dwarf war hero is capable of churning out productive acres at an astonishing rate. This feature is widely ignored in that an organized kingdom could ape some aspects of cowing in war. All it takes is two stage thinking. Many of the same resources we use to fund and fight dragons could be pressed toward buffing these war heroes. Why? Because they can WS and build in 6 ticks free. If the dwarves then exercised relay taps(return time divided by generals) off elliptical heretic NM runs you'd have fluid acre intake. Follow up with nominal aid so resource accumulation wouldn't be lost to enemy micro.

    My break is over.

    Anyway, my approach to strategy is based in maliable tactic packs. While I feel chaining is an effective regional tactic, it is a brittle theater macro. If your opponent is superior in chain vs chain execution then there must be a plan B. While pure UBs are the most valued asset we can imagine virtual UBs based in resource cardiovascularity. These aren't individual provinces as much as a push-pull network that moves zero sum resources to center leverage where desired. Sometimes this is an excercise of strength vs enemy strength and other times a surge vs enemy weakness.[/QUOTE

    Thanks for the feedback Strato. I'd like to help the monarch in the future with planning because there are times I have uber free time. Its great to read your strategy in a later post too (Undead Cleric with hospitals? :) ) If you could elaborate on "relay taps" more, it'd be helpful. Return time/generals doesn't quite communicate well to me.

    @Rattlehead, the chart is really cool thing to see and give perspective on community thoughts.

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