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Thread: Utopia Veteran back for Vengeance - Seeking Help

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    Utopia Veteran back for Vengeance - Seeking Help

    Ahoy! It is I, Old Man with a Stick, bl0b, bigbl0b, still slightly undetermined and indecisive and really not that old. I played Utopia back in the late 90's through early 00's. I was a force to be reckoned with in my day! Well...not really, I was an average player with a decent understanding of the mechanics. Well, I'm finally back to give this old great another go. However, I have a special request.

    Would any of my fellow veterans/lifers be willing to take an old boy under their wing? If not for my potential as a valuable asset to thy Kingdom, then perhaps for my cheery demeanor and frequent forum activity? I look forward to diving back into the realm of Utopia, and hopefully finding a place I can spend years to come establishing friendships and lighthearted rivalries!

    If anyone is interested in taking on a squire and molding me into something wonderful and fierce and seeing the product of their teachings, please reach out to me! Thank you in advance and I wish everyone a great rest of the age!

    Old Man with a Stick or some other tbd alias now that I'm back on the Utopian grind!

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    I know you have posted elsewhere for GLW and Pestilence but let me know if you are still looking. Really social kingdom and looking to add to the family :D

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    Msg me if keen.

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    Hi Mad_Scottish ,

    Long time I did not see you my friend :)
    let's see if you remember me ? :D hehe...

    Does Valliant , aka Lucian ( real name ) , bring any memories ?

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