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Thread: Buildings in progress: Numbers grid

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    Buildings in progress: Numbers grid


    I'd like to suggest a very minor UI/Visibility enhancement for the buildings in progress screen.

    I dont know if my attachments have ... uhh... attached, but I tried to show what I mean.

    On the buildings advisor / survey where the buildings are in progress, I would like to see a 'grid' of numbers, or at least vertical lines to follow. The list of buildings is quite long, and if there are multiple hours of multiple buildings in place it can sometimes get hard to see what is in progress, and how long is left - particularly when it's a few miles out on the right hand side.

    It's extremely minor, but I think it would add a bit easier readability to that page. There are notches at the top of the number line (hours remaining) to delineate each number, but the notch stops at the top of the page. Looking at Watchtowers or Stables at the bottom, I find it a little easy to miss if it's 1-2 or sometimes 3 hours. "boxing" the numbers in would reduce or remove that.

    Anyways, thanks for reading.

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    Kudos, i hope that this is implimented.

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    I agree this would be helpful

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