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    We are a relatively new Warring Kingdom looking for attackers (hybrids accepted if you can prove you know your stuff).

    We would like you to observe the following rules we follow as a kingdom.
    Kingdom Rules and Requirements;
    Communication : We require that you use DISCORD & MUNK
    Activity : You MUST login 2-3 times a day
    Orders : You MUST follow orders oow and during war
    Warring : We will be looking for at least 1 war for every Utopian Year AND NO arranged wars
    Organization : Kingdom is run by a council of 6 provinces

    If you feel you would be a good fit for the kingdom post the following information;

    Timezone :
    Experience :
    About Yourself :

    Leadership opportunities available to players that prove they not only have the skill but the time to put in.

    Serious players only.

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    So you want a player to do exactly what you want them to? Like a slave? You may as well setup a multi account of have a mate setup an account and appoint you as sitter 24/7 ya moron!

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    There are nicer ways to respond to a post @thejudge

    Clearly you are not the player we are looking for.

    Go troll someone else....

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