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Thread: Protection against nightmares

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    Protection against nightmares

    If you are a top attacker in a kingdom going to war against many heretics and likely will face nightmares.
    What is best buildings to prevent the damage done ?

    If you are top attacker often guard stations is a part of your strat. When I have run GS, they have never saved me being chained with NM tactic from other kingdom.
    So if I have say 20-25% to put into either GS or forts in war strat. Isnt forts better to have then ?
    Having maybe 35% bigger defense instead of 35% acre loss
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    wpa and science + defensive spells are the only real direct counter to nightmares. I'd say gs is better to mitigate the dammage, forts are for preventing people to break you or atleast make it less likely that people can dubble and more likely you can dubble in return, but with higher DME more defense is lost if you lose your military or get it back into retraining, so it won't really protect you only make the nm run more efficient.

    If you are running a race with elites + off specs elites does hold out better than def specs vs nightmares I think, and having good incomming always help vs chains. Therefore GS which atleast gives less gains for opponents and will leave some of them on low incomming as well as barracks and potentially wt's as nightmares drops your tpa and is often followed up by ns would be helping out a lot also.

    Do keep in mind that there is no counter that will prevent chains and still have you as an active participant in the war you are in, however if you get chained don't despair or panic, fight back, and you are doing your part still try to force opponents to constant hit you after the initial chain, if they do you will gain your kingdom fellors time, if they don't you can come back from the chain with saved up credits.

    If for instance your kingdom can chain 2 people in the time you get chained the next chain from your opponents will have less effect as they lost more offenses overall and such advantages wins close wars trading 1 t/m for 2 attackers might be worth it for the kingdom getting their attackers chained though as they can take back land by attacking.

    The worst response I've ever seen to a nm run + chain was that the guy panicked and released every single troop and thief he had, which meant that he got 3-4k def specs left only after the troops that was put back in retraining came back, and could do nothing on 2-300 acres for the rest of the war.
    Furthermore I think Carthage should be destroyed and Dryads brought back to the game

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    As a single attacker the only thing you can do is force the enemy to spend as much runes/mana on you as possible. That means high wpa, wpa sci and protection sci. Support from KD(orc/pala casting rm on you) is amazing.

    Another thing is lighting strike. NM waving requires big rune stock. LS-ing that stock(don't steal if you can't spend the runes immediately) will be beneficial in a long run.

    IMO sabotage wizs is weak. No point to do it. Controlling enemy's runes and aw-ing the heres(if possible) is better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Movitz View Post
    What is best buildings to prevent the damage done ?
    The best building to prevent damage done is guard stations. If they want to NM and chain you there is probably nothing you can do to really stop it. But the biggest effect of the NMs + chain is the overpopulation you will face as your army comes back from in training, so the more hits they have to use against you to take acres the better. The more incoming land you have the better. You can also get a bunch of runes and try to land lust acres back after the chain is over. Hopefully keep as much of you remaining army as possible.

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    Couple ways I guess.

    First option: Sabotage Wizards. Preferably by Faerie/Heretics with a Havoc ritual up. No mana = no nightmare.

    Second: AW / Massacre to make the caster(s) wpa unusable (haha ya right, rn-jesus will smite you for your hubris).

    So yeah there's really only one way. You really got the resources to AW or Massacre *all* the heretics? I thought not.

    SW & ET are extremely strong, they also make the game extremely boring. Yay.

    Nightmare's scary as all hell, but if you let your wpa rise or invest in channeling instead of Siege you're letting the Nightmare do even more to you than it's supposed to...

    Just have a good monarch, that's the answer... if you feel you are constantly facing nightmare with the kingdom doing nothing about it, maybe bring it up. SW is the way. Good luck.

    Edit: To the question of Forts vs Guardstations. Guardstations 100%. The guardstations lose no value from the nightmares, the forts lose a lot.
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