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Thread: LL needs to affect ability to surrender

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    LL needs to affect ability to surrender

    Waving a kingdom with LLs the hour before tick of surrender is a little ridiculous, personally lost ~500 acres and 700 honor to LL the ticks leading to a surrender. This can be abused absurdly as a kingdom wide strat... just honor raping and steal land from the dominant kingdom. Kind of BS. 500 acres is larger than the largest land grab in our war. This should definitely be looked at as an attack and prevent a surrender.

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    LL it back,It sucks but its open to both sides. They cant attack for 2 hours but you can attack for gains they cant even ambush


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    Well now that spells can give meter points I agree. Any spell which would under non war circumstances normally grant an additional meter point should in war reset the surrender timer.
    It should also reset any cf timers when out of war.
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