Dear All Utopian members,

My real name is Lucian, aka Valliant. I am keen to came back to make a good and nice play for old good time.

I saw and read so many changes inside the Utopian rules, personalities and races that I will need some refreshment. I did played for a lot of years from 2009.

My history begin far far long time ago when I was a fresh cadet in TBH alliance, continuing with HaJ and participating in many KD wars and also alliance wars where I get my experience, knowledge, wisdom and activity ramp up and my last days of Utopian world was playing in a HaaL kingdom.

Maybe to some of you these words are like old good times, but in my mind there are like memories.

I did not sign up for any province since I am looking to see any advice from you , I am living in East Europe - Romania, so that you can understand better my time zone and looking for an active KD to "adopt" me and help me to get back on track and learn / practice the new changes in Utopia.

I hope I did not miss any details, if you need me message me.