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Thread: Veteran Player Returning & Looking for KD

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    Dear All Utopian members,

    My real name is Lucian, aka Valliant. I am keen to came back to make a good and nice play for old good time.

    I saw and read so many changes inside the Utopian rules, personalities and races that I will need some refreshment. I did played for a lot of years from 2009.

    My history begin far far long time ago when I was a fresh cadet in TBH alliance, continuing with HaJ and participating in many KD wars and also alliance wars where I get my experience, knowledge, wisdom and activity ramp up and my last days of Utopian world was playing in a HaaL kingdom.

    Maybe to some of you these words are like old good times, but in my mind there are like memories.

    I did not sign up for any province since I am looking to see any advice from you , I am living in East Europe - Romania, so that you can understand better my time zone and looking for an active KD to "adopt" me and help me to get back on track and learn / practice the new changes in Utopia.

    I hope I did not miss any details, if you need me message me.


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    Hello Vallient...Welcome back to the game! .

    I have a kingdom in needing to fill a 2300ac province if you are interested.

    We are a private "Mentor KD" specifically organized to attract older/rusty Uto players and help them get their feet wet by warring, growing and pumping like a typical competitive KD.

    This means we guide and instruct common sense strategy as well as give you freedom to experiment on builds.

    We don't kill you for mistakes since our main goal of our KD is to have any player ready to play in a top KD the following age (no strings attached)

    You are welcomed to stay but I also help you get into the KD you want with in-depth referrals to your new potential monarch.

    There is 1 month left for the age and that Human that is trained and ready to play...perfect way to get a taste of modern Uto!
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