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Thread: I知 an old school player..ex GOTA player as well 😢

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    I知 an old school player..ex GOTA player as well 😢

    I use to play back in early 2000 for a few retired and looking to come my game I 0layed for the last 5 years Game of thrones accent just closed lost my friends and family...oh I am looking for a kingdom that can help me adjust back in...this is similar to the game I just stopped plus I use to play as an elf and miss my old friends I made that I lost contact with
    I知 central time, like playing..I get on several times a day...and remember babysitting my account on here, and babysitting for others as well...that痴 how I got,babysitting...
    Okay I use an ipad or iPhone...I知 not sure if that will effect my play..if anyone can give me a heads up if it does and I値l move on..also I have friends from the other game that needs to find game play as well

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    I am in my first age in a fairly active war KD, 7:17 (formerly known as Little League) which is recruiting. I personally joined mostly to connect with friends and family in my KD. Utopia, it turns out, is a lot of fun when people organize and work together. Please come and see if our KD is a good fit for you, I wish you luck in finding a good place!

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    Our Utopia Mentor KD Tactical Tech has spots open for next age!

    We are a veteran KD core formed to help new and returning players get back into competitive Utopia play. We will train you to play for a competitive KD in 1 age and can even offer referrals to more competitive KDs that are looking.

    We are essentially a war kingdom that wars about 6-7 wars per age (9-10 week age) and we do encourage alarms if that is what you prefer but we do not kill anyone unless they go completely inactive.

    We will have a General KD Plan that Leadership-in-Training decide and follow through the age but province experimenting is ok with supervision.

    You can find me on the DISCORD server...Let us know if your interested!
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