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Thread: human warhero attacker banks or homes during war

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    human warhero attacker banks or homes during war

    As a human warhero attacker, should I be running any banks or homes during war? or are there more efficient buildings I should utilise?

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    hospitals, training grounds, watch towers .... these are WAR buildings :) bank or homes make more sense if no one can hit you

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    I run a few homes personally (like 1%) just to help out with the birthrates to help keep recruitment up. But havent NEEDED to run them.
    Unless I am WAVED then I will run banks and homes to be able to explore while getting my small hits in. a few of my kingdom mates feel exploring is somewhat pointless when you can have land coming in with attacks and use those soldiers for training. Banks are also up for debate as you can rob for GC. But you have to worry about running out of thieves.
    Everyone has their own strategy. I dont remember where in the forums I saw it, but there is a post regarding what to build and for which role. Even it clearly states start with this and adjust to your game play style.
    I would like to also say your allocation of SCI makes a difference too.

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    Banks never

    Homes only if your draft is way to high to support you otherwise, and if so phase them out as soon as possible. Went into one war on 85-90% draft that is the only war I ran homes although sometimes kingdom strategy dictates that we do to win ecconomy battles, just like gs is also a valid war building as well as barracks, but best if run across all core.
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    Both, once you have room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Both, once you have room.
    I would also add, depends on your other build, your science, what the opposing kingdom can throw at you, and are you UB or not UB.
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    I'd run both homes and banks if I'm in the middle or lower acres of my KD and the enemy likes tearing the top down instead of max gaining. Helps me get near the top with a significantly more threatening level of offense without any aid since it's unlikely in many cases that I'd be targeted until I'm in the upper 1/4 of the KD or if the enemy KD suddenly decides to max gains. My goal when small is to be big enough with enough off/def to be a threat to take heat off our larger provs.

    I've managed to start low on my KD and end up in the upper half with offense and defense to match due to a combination of hospitals, homes (birth rates) and banks. Of course this is all moot if you are against a KD that's heavy on peasant kill, but we haven't really run into a fireball-chastity type KD in awhile.

    I guess the best answer is it is situational depending on the KD you are fighting and their overall strat.

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