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Thread: Age 80 Proposed Changes - Suggestions and Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0papa View Post
    I am proly wrong but it appears they either incorporated Munkbot or copied it closely.
    Will ops and spells show? I tire of Killing TMs I deem unworthy.
    This. At the moment we can see exactly what they've done so different time zones don't matter. Don't want to go back to the bad old days.

    Also Beta test the new system before you switch off munk.

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    Wouldnt be surprised if Utopiabot is munkbot just name changed and officially implented into the game. :) Or at least using same framework.

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    My Suggestions for changing something will be in CYAN
    My Suggestions for removing something will be in PLUM
    My Suggestions for adding something will be in GREEN



    Notes: Though I'm not a huge fan of avian, these changes make them even more vulnerable to the easiest way to deal with avian. Give them even more acres to accumulate and not be able to protect...and lose troops more quickly. Avian NEED to be able to retain military - making them lose more just crushes them... Clear Sight further helps them resists some of the ops that shell them out too easily. Town watch combos better with GP and the +1 Def Specialist
    -20% Attack travel time [-25%]
    +1 Defensive Specialist Strength
    -50% Ambush Land Losses
    Add: Immune to Pitfalls

    Cannot Use War Horses/Stables
    Remove: +15% Military Casualties

    Spell book:Remove: Fanaticism, Greater Protection, Aggression Add: Clear Sight, Town Watch
    Elite: Offense: 7 Defense: 3 Networth: 8.0 Cost: 750
    Soldiers: Offense: 1 Defense: 1


    Notes: Dwarves are meant to be versatile and the -20% WPA hurts them a lot. Their BE bonus is not good enough to counter their disadvantages especially when compared to other races. Give them the suddenly lost RM and Bonus Shielding Science (Or auto-fail enemy spells percentage, or auto reduce dmg or something).
    +20% Building Efficiency [+30%]
    -40% Building Construction Time
    Remove: +25% Building Credits from attacks
    Add: +25% Shielding Science Effectiveness

    +75% Food consumption [+100%]
    -20% WPA

    Spell book: Mystic Aura, Add: Reflect Magic Remove: Inspire Army, Clear Sight
    Elite: Offense: 6 Defense: 6 Networth: 8.5 Cost: 825
    Soldiers: Offense: 1 Defense: 1


    Notes: Giving two races the same bonus is really lame. (Avian and Elf with +1 D Spec). I loved the introduction to avians, but keep it off the elf in this case. Give them more spells to work by increasing their mana regen (or reducing the cost to cast self spells on others). Also Maybe remove mage's fury from them...they could screw over ally provinces by giving them -20% defensive WPA. :S
    -25% Rune Costs
    Can Cast Self Spells on Others
    -25% Military Train Time
    Remove: +1 Defensive Specialist Strength
    Either Add: +1 Mana per Tick OR Add: -1 Mana use when casting self spells

    +15% Explore Cost

    Spell book: Inspire Army, Mage's Fury, Add: Pitfalls, Chastity
    Elite: Offense: 8 Defense: 4 Networth: 9.5 Cost: 950
    Soldiers: Offense: 1 Defense: 1


    Notes: Wow, super buffed in proposed, then super nerfed in revised. Let's find a balance! They are suffering quite severely with -10% Max Pop, but also removed their WPA bonus and no pers spells...All Racial spells is good. but give back the WPA. The general is overkill.
    Access to All Racial Spells (excluding Paladin spells)
    +20% TPA [+15%]
    Add: +15% WPA

    Remove: -1 General
    -10% Maximum Population

    Spell book: All spells excluding Paladin spells Racial
    Elite: Offense: 4 Defense: 8 Networth: 11.0 Cost: 1100
    Soldiers: Offense: 1 Defense: 1


    Notes: They are just too lopsided to work. Maybe putting more emphasis on the dungeons and prisoner or letting them use 1 every 4 troops instead of 5 would help, but nerfing their TPA a bit.
    +50% Thievery Effectiveness (TPA) [+35%]
    -50% Thief Losses
    Add: +50% Dungeon Effectiveness (Capacity)
    Add: Can send 1 merc/pris every 4 troops instead of 5
    Mercenaries and Prisoners fight with 10 strength
    Can use Specialist credits to train thieves

    Cannot use hospitals

    Spell book: Aggression, Town Watch, Add: Pitfalls, Quick Feet
    Elite: Offense: 5 Defense: 5 Networth: 8 Cost: 200
    Soldiers: Offense: 2 Defense: 2


    Notes: They are on the weak side as is...give them a little more offensive capabilities similar to how halflings gain the mercs. (Honestly, could even switch the two bonuses - giving halflings enhanced war ponies and humans the prisoners and mercs. I almost switched the two, because I kind of like that idea better...but yeah). Back to human...though with the bonus, it felt strong - make mana/spells really annoying for them with doubling rune cost and I think it works out.
    +15% Science Effectiveness [+20%]
    +1 Offense Specialist Strength
    Add: +1 Strength to horses
    Add: +50% Stable Effectiveness (Capacity)

    -1% Mana Recovery Per Tick
    Add: +100% Rune Cost

    Spell book: Greater Protection, Inspire Army, Remove: Quick Feet, Revelation
    Elite: Offense: 4 Defense: 7 Networth: 9.5 Cost: 1050
    Soldiers: Offense: 1 Defense: 1


    Notes: I'm scare of these...but I don't know what to change about them...Improve enemy casualties, but also give them some losses.
    +10% Maximum Population
    -50% Draft Costs
    +10% Enemy military casualties [+20%]

    20% of Spells Fail
    20% of Thievery Operations Fail
    Add: +15% Offensive Military Casualties

    Spell book: Remove: Inspire Army, Bloodlust
    Elite: Offense: 9 Defense: 2 Networth: 8.75 Cost: 1050
    Soldiers: Offense: 1 Defense: 1


    Notes: I'm equally scared of these...especially since you are allowing them to train elites now...if so, make the sci penalty hurt a little more. Rather than giving them minus casualties, give them a regenerating army sort dead.
    +20% Maximum Population Note: Are we sure we want it this high???
    Remove: -40% Military casualties
    Some specialists convert to elites on Traditional Marches
    No food needed
    Spreads and is immune to the Plague
    Add: Automatic Animate Dead (Is cast at all times)

    Only Basic Thievery Intel Operations available
    -25% Science Effectiveness [-30%]
    -1 Offense Specialist Strength
    -1 Defensive Specialist Strength

    Spell book: Remove: Animate Dead (Note: remove if given automatic, otherwise keep - or maybe keep and have it stacks) Add: Nightmares
    Elite: Offense: 11 [10] Defense: 3 Networth: 10.5 Cost: 2050
    Soldiers: Offense: 1 Defense: 1


    The Heretic

    Notes: They are really strong...give them back the no wiz loss on ops, but those wpa/tpa bonuses...

    All Guilds are 75% more effective
    Reduced thief losses on failed operations (-75%) [-50%]
    Add: -50% wizards lost on failed spells
    +25% WPA and TPA
    Remove: +25% Cunning Science Effectiveness
    Access to Blizzard, Fool's Gold, Nightmare and Gluttony
    Starts with +400 Wizards and +400 thieves

    The Mystic

    All Guilds are 150% more effective
    +60% Sorcery Science Effectiveness [+50%]
    +1 Mana per tick
    Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity, Mage's Fury and Paradise
    Starts with +800 Wizards

    The Paladin

    Troops attack dragon with +35% increased power
    +50% Valor Science Effectiveness
    Starting Soldiers +600
    Starting Specialist Credits +600
    All Paladin Only Spells
    Paladin Only Spells

    Paladin's Inspiration (Paladin Only) - This spell has ~25% increased effects as Inspire Army (low difficulty;moderate/high duration)
    Scientific Insights (Paladin Only) - This spell will increase the science effectiveness by +10% (moderate difficulty/short duration)
    Illuminate Shadows (Paladin Only) - Provide -20% damage from thievery operations (moderate/high difficulty;moderate duration)
    Wrathful Smite (Paladin Only) - Attacks against province while this spell is active will result in higher casualties for the attacker (moderate difficulty;low/moderate duration)
    Divine Shield (Paladin Only) - Increase magic defense (will stack with Magic Shield;low/moderate difficulty;moderate duration)

    Magic Ward (Unf Only) (Paladin Only) - Increase target's spell cost in runes by 25% for duration (moderate difficulty)
    Barrier of Integrity (Unf Only) (Paladin Only) - Stops all drafting that would normally take place in target province (moderate/high difficulty;very short duration)

    The Rogue

    All Guilds are 50% more effective
    +1 Stealth recovery per tick
    Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
    Thieves Dens are 50% more effective
    +50% Crime Science Effectiveness
    Access to Invisibility and Paradise
    Starts with +800 thieves

    The Tactician

    Attack Time -15%
    Remove: +20% Specialist and Building credits gained in combat
    Add: +1 Defensive Specialist Strength
    Accurate Espionage
    Add: +15% TPA
    Remove: +20% Siege Science Effectiveness
    Add: +25% Tactics Science Effectiveness
    Add: +25% Strategy Science Effectiveness
    Starting Soldiers +800
    Starting Specialist Credits +800
    Access to Remove: Fanaticism Add: Quick Feet

    The Cleric

    Immune to The Plague
    -35% Military Casualties
    Add: +15% WPA
    Add: +50% Shielding Science Effectiveness
    Add: +15% Defensive Military Efficiency
    Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits
    Access to Greater ProtectionAdd: Chastity, Gluttony, Fool's Gold

    The War Hero

    Honor Bonuses +100%
    Remove: +5% Military Efficiency In War
    +25% Heroism Science Effectiveness [+50%]
    Remove: -25% Military Wages
    Add: +1 Offensive Specialist Strength
    Dragon Immunity
    Convert Specs into Elites
    Starting Elites +800
    Access to Remove: War Spoils and Pitfalls Add: Fanaticism

    The Warrior

    +15% Offensive Military Efficiency
    Remove: +10% Tactics Science Effectiveness
    Add: +50% Siege Science Effectiveness
    Remove: -25% Military Wages
    Full Conquest Access
    Starting Soldiers +800
    Spec Credits +800
    Add: Access to War Spoils
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    - faery: does it have access to all spells or all racial spells? Both are written which is it? Even with -pop the faery stays strong. Is faery the only race with RM? The problem with faery is the huge spell book. In the past that was an issue which we fixed by moving a lot of the spells to the persos and you returned it back. Remove the pop penalty, limit the spell book of the faery or all races and give them cheaper thieves.

    -undead: even if you make the elite cost 5k ppl will get one early war, lose the war in min time and train full elite army. We dont need such strong elite especially with +20% pop. Nerf it down to 9/2, orc 8/1 and remove their pop bonuses.

    With such strong attackers - orc/und - u are killing the hybrid/tm roles. Is this the goal?

    And again - there are many overlapping bonuses - orc and und with pop bonus, elf and avian +def spec strength, halfer and here -thieves losses, und cleric -losses and plague immunity, here, mys and rogue +guilds. The game is losing it's diversity.

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    Seriously, fix the halfer 5/5 Elite with 8 NW that's unplayable you actually made it worse in the changes

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    Can we totally opt out of the new integrated tools? They will only get in my way and won't help me any; I don't plan to use them at all.

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    Avian 7 offense 8 NW 1.14 ratio
    Dwarf 6 offense 8.5 NW 1.41 ratio
    Elf 8 offense 9.5 NW 1.19 ratio
    Faery 8 defense 11 NW 1.375 ratio
    Halfer 5 offense 8 NW 1.6 ratio
    Human 7 defense 9.5 NW 1.36 ratio
    Orc 9 offense 8.75 NW 0.97 ratio
    Undead 11 offense 10.5 nw 0.95 ratio

    If undead elite had same NW per offense as halfer it would be 17.6 NW per elite a same size undead can have way more elites than a halfer and easily crush them

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    Science System
    - Science effects will be adjusted (more detailed information will be provided in graphs)
    - Book generation rate will be reduced
    - Military Train Time science affects the train time reduction in an odd way and will be adjusted to be more intuitive
    - Peasant desertions will increase to be more comparable with military desertion rates
    - The rate at which troops desert from armies away will be reduced

    btw these 2 things should actually have the largest impact and i really really wanna know them AT time of final changes(as in scaling on graphs i science and how much % less)

    for example undead could have a 20/2 and still be garbage if science scales decent high, or it could have a 9/3 leet and massively massively outshine orc if troop desertion away drops by 80%.

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    Please allow the option to turn off any ingame overlay like munk's overlay if you plan to implement that....... same with discord.

    That stuff isnt allowed on my work cpu (which I use for the game) and it is blocked. Likely the same for some users too.
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    If you can access uto at work I can't imagine how they would differentiate utobot. Same traffic, same place.
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    Add "all land houses 1 prisoner" to Halfling so that half their sustainability isnt destroyed with 1 raze.

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    Undead and Orc sim to very high offense, this levels the playing field a bit.
    I can provide sims, just pm me :P

    Avian: elite to 8/3, lose the +1 dspec (no duplicate bonuses!)
    Dwarf: elite to 7/5, WPA penalty to -10%
    Elf: elite to 7/4, lose -25% train time or rune cost, add SI IS WSmite
    Faery: swap TPA bonus to WPA bonus (no duplicate bonuses!)
    Halfling: elite to 6/6, mercenaries and prisoners to 8 off
    Orc: lose population bonus (no duplicate bonuses!), gain free draft, keep elite, gain another bonus
    Undead: elite to 10/3

    Heretic: lower TPA/WPA bonuses to 20%
    Cleric: gains some of Paladin's bonuses, Paladin removed.

    Race | Proposed Expected Calc | As Proposed | My proposed
    Avian | 8.25nw | 7/3 8.0nw | 8/3 9.0nw
    Dwarf | 10.5nw | 6/6 8.5nw | 7/5 10.0nw
    Elf | 10nw | 8/4 9.5nw | 7/3 8.5nw
    Faery | 11nw | 4/8 11.0nw | 4/8 11.0nw
    Halfling | 8.75nw | 5/5 8.0nw | 6/6 ?nw
    Human | 10.0nw | 4/7 9.5nw | 4/7 10.0nw
    Orc | 8.75nw | 9/2 8.75nw | 9/2 9.0nw
    Undead | 11.25nw | 11/3 10.5nw | 10/3 10.5nw
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
    Cleric: gains some of Paladin's bonuses, Paladin removed.
    As much as i love the concept of Paladin.. i agree with this. The other attacker personalities are very strong compared to both Cleric and Paladin. Combining them makes sense. It was like that for 1 age - but that age Paladin was well used. Thematically, too, it makes sense for Clerics to become frontline fighters in the age the Undead horde return.

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    prawns....*chewing sounds* prawns cuz they are NoMNoMNoMmy

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